RezExpert - The Online Reservations Booklet

  This booklet contains information on the RezExpert Online Reservations & Rules Management Module. Click here to view the booklet.Read More »

Update Bulletin - March 27th 2018 - Fixes

    New email wildcard – Rez_Charge_Subtotal. Displays a total of charges and exclusive taxes before payment   JetDirect V3 – Upgraded JetDirect version.   Shopping Cart – When inventory is lost in the middle of the process then you go to confirm the shopping cart when inventory doesn’t exist any longer. I have added logic to clear the shopping cart and when the dialog is closed it will refresh the page. I also added the same functionality to the normal reservation process.   SiteMinder – Added additional layers to attempt to get a country when downloading reservations.    ...

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Update Bulletin - March 14th 2018 - New Reports and Fixes

Click Images for Larger View New Report: Guest Statistics – By Unit Type – Displays a unit type guest/occupant statistics between the range selected. Sorted by By Unit Type     New Report: Guest List with Products – Arrivals By Unit Type – Displays a list of reservations containing pos products that have a checkin date between the range selected. Arrivals sorted by By Unit Type         Check In 3 Inch Receipt Addition: Client name and credit card details have been added       Reservation Comment Handling: New comments are being added to the beginning of the...

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The Ticketing Booklet

View the Ticketing booklet to see what the new Ticketing Module has to offer. Create and manage your tickets within RezExpert. Click here to read more.Read More »

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