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The Ticketing Booklet

View the Ticketing booklet to see what the new Ticketing Module has to offer. Create and manage your tickets within RezExpert. Click here to read more.Read More »

Update Bulletin - 21 Feb 2018 Ticketing Module is here!

Click Images for Larger View   Ticket Module – A new module is now available.   Create and manage your tickets from within RezExpert.  Click the link below for more details Click Here for more information      Online Booking Pages – Pay with AR Transfer –  Users can now allow their clients to settle charges to their accounts.  This is associated with either reservations or POS charges.   This feature must be enabled on the member type level if this functionality is being provided to the customers     POS Sale – The ability to add zero-dollar charges to be applied...

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The Mobile Apps Booklet

View the Mobile Apps booklet to see what the eGuest Connect Mobile Module has to offer. Seamlessly Connect guests to your resort. Click here to read more.Read More »

10-100% Off Your SaaS Monthly Fee

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