Hi and Happy New Year to you, We at DigitalRez look forward to a productive and excited year with your assistance.

Please note that we have a security feature in place, where you are required to change your password every 90 days for PCI compliance and a measure against your system being breached.

You will see a pop up prompting you to change your password at least 2 weeks before your current password expires, please make an effort to change and update your password during this time.

In the event your business is closed for any extended time and you didn’t see the prompt, you will be required to use the reset password process. This will require using your unique email address associated with your login and the business number (located to the top right of the reservation system) or call us at 888 836-3590 Ext. 1 to request your business number.


We further urge you to update your business records to reflect this number when calling for support instead of using the old gold key or any other codes from ROS which were previously used.

Again, let us wish you and your business a great and productive 2017.  Keep an eye out for new features, processes, and updates to come throughout the year.

Thank you.

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