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Shopping Cart on the Online Booking Page

Shopping Cart will allow guests to book multiple reservations for different times of the year and pay their total in one payment.
Contact your RezExpert Support Tech to enable the Shopping Cart module.


RezExpert – The Online Reservations Booklet


This booklet contains information on the RezExpert Online Reservations & Rules Management Module. Click here to view the booklet.

RezExpert – The Wholesalers Module


Do you have a technical issue with RezExpert? View the status website to keep up to date with any problems or issues. Find out if it is a local issue or one that affects all users. Visit to keep up to date.

The Ticketing Booklet

View the Ticketing booklet to see what the new Ticketing Module has to offer. Create and manage your tickets within RezExpert. Click here to read more.

The Mobile Apps Booklet

View the Mobile Apps booklet to see what the eGuest Connect Mobile Module has to offer. Seamlessly Connect guests to your resort. Click here to read more.

RezExpert – How to Remove Unused Units

This video demonstrates how to remove unused units in RezExpert. RezExpert is a fully featured reservation & property management system suitable for a wide range of business verticals. Developed using the latest web and security protocols it manages reservation and property management functions for multiple business types from hotels, Campgrounds, B&B’s, marinas and Condos to multi-resort networks.

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