The June editions of the Campfire Travel and Campfire Travel for Dog Owners e-magazines have recently been released. Every month, there is a State Focus within the Campfire Travel magazine. There is also a link to the Campfire Travel directory which allows users to search and find campsites in searched regions and instantly receive directions to the best campsites in that region.

A representative from Campfire Travel says: “In each edition, we highlight certain states. Those who want to subscribe to our free magazine will instantly be able to see which four states we have focused for June. Naturally, the magazine is filled with other bits of fascinating and useful information as well, including fantastic competitions.”

In order to access the e-magazines for free, people have to register to become members of the campfire community. After registration, they will be able to read the e-magazines, including those released in the past. Furthermore, they can join any of the competitions that are made available on the website. Most importantly, Campfire Travel has indicated that they aim to create a community of people passionate about the great outdoors, encouraging them to share stories, photographs, and opinions.

Those who register for the Campfire Travel community will instantly receive access to all these benefits and to the latest edition of the newsletter. Newsletters generally focus on a specific element of camping, such as preparing, setting up an RV, snacking on the go, and so on. They also often focus on specific resorts, with Wine Ridge RV Resorts & Cottages and Holiday Trails RV Resorts currently being reviewed. The current competition is a photography competition, with the top prize being a vacation.

Recently, to enhance the feeling of being a campfire community, the company has also been pushing its Facebook page. The representative adds: “We want to create a space for RV and camping enthusiasts, as well as dog lovers, to come together and talk about their experiences, share their stories and photographs, and so on. We want them to have the opportunity to come together, and drive what we include in future e-magazines. Hence, we also encourage everybody to like our new Facebook page.”

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