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Review and Reputation Management Module

Enhance customer satisfaction and reduce complaints with the RezExpert Review Module. Allow guests to review any area of your business from a mobile device while staying at your property, Receive customer low ratings instantly as they are made. Deal with any low ratings while the client is still on property. Turn a bad experience into a good experience and turn a potential 1 star review into a 5 star review.

The Review Management Module also keeps track of what guests are saying about you on over 15 external review sites such as TripAdvisor, Yelp and Google – to name the most common ones.

Kevin Hall, Managing Director of DigitalRez Group of Companies, has announced that their Campground Reservation Software System, RezExpert, has become very popular among campground businesses. He said that the main reason for this growth in popularity is because their campground reservation software is the most advanced in the industry while still being able to maintain an excellent user-friendly experience.

DigitalRez stated that RezExpert is ideal for campgrounds as they are very unique businesses, and because of this, they require features that are not easily found in regular reservation software. The company understood this need and made it their goal to create a solution for these businesses, and they are very happy with RezExpert, which is the outcome. DigitalRez added,

“Some of the most basic features needed include: length and width sensitivity; the ability to track electricity usage along with water & sewage are also essential features. RezExpert incorporates all of these as a standard feature set.”

When a campground business gets access to the campgound reservation software system, they will be able to access features such as map bookings, online reservations, credit card processing and the ability to manage more than one campground within the same RezExpert system. DigitalRez added that their campground reservation system can also be accessed from anywhere that there is an Internet connection. This is good news for clients that are always on the go and need to access the system through their tablet instead of a desktop PC or Mac.

DigitalRez also provides an RV management software system (RMS) that can be accessed in the cloud. The reservation system is also completely configurable, but is aimed at RV resorts. The company said that the RezExpert cloud-based system also gives clients the ability to maintain their entire business in one simple interface that is easy to learn. DigitalRez said the following,

“We also provide a robust online reservation module that interface reservation requests from your website directly to the front desk software. This added feature helps you maximize revenue and occupancy 24/7. No more lost clients through busy phone lines and no more double posting from email requests. Sit back and let RezExpert take the additional online orders.”

If clients would like to get more information on their modules, they are encouraged to visit the RezExpert Website. Here, they will find a dedicated page on all the modules that clients will be able to access. An added benefit of the RezExpert system is that no long-term contract is needed.

The company urges all those who are interested in their campground reservation software system, RezExpert, to visit them directly on the RezExpert website. Here, clients will be able to find full details on each of their systems, and there is also a “request a quote” form that they can fill out on their website. Interested parties also have the option to contact them by email, or to call them by phone in order to have more of their questions answered. DigitalRez stated that their goal is focused on more than just creating an advanced campground reservation software system for their clients; the company’s priority is to also consistently provide high quality customer service.

New Year Price Rise – Not for current clients

Everyone at DigitalRez wish you, our loyal clients a Merry Christmas & Prosperous New Year.

This has been a great year for DigitalRez and RezExpert, none of which was possible without you.

December has seen even more features and enhancements for RezExpert which can be seen at this link

January 2016 will also see the launch of our new pricing plan. Prices will rise from January 15th 2016… The good news is that for all those that are currently using the software, prices will remain exactly the same. This is just our way of saying thank you for being one of the early users of the system and sticking with us.

Once again we would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year from all at The DigitalRez Group of Companies.


Kevin Hall | Managing Director | DigitalRez Group of Companies

Main Feature for November

DigitalRez Update

October through to November has been a very busy period for DigitalRez. More enhancements have been implemented to RezExpert, with more scheduled to be released in the coming months.

The latest enhancements include; bulk check In, column sorting on interactive panels, preview window on csv exports, batch printing of documents, auto assign unit when making a booking from the grid and many more features. Go here to see the full feature list…

We are also looking to expand the selection of integrated credit card processors. With this in mind we would like you to fill out a survey. We have so many users that it is not easy to decide which processers to link to. We will integrate the most popular processors amongst our user base so please visit this link, fill out the survey and we will start connecting to the most popular three so that you can have more choices for integrated payments.

We have started to create a new analytic and data mining tool. This will only be for very large comparisons and will utilize our new report server specifically designed for large sets of data and number crunching.

As we approach the new year, we will have new online interfaces and functionality to showcase including booking widgets, new booking interfaces and online membership functionality.

Kevin Hall | Managing Directory | DigitalRez Group of Companies |

DigitalRez Update

The end of September through to the middle of October has been a hectic one in terms of software enhancements and finalizing new and exciting initiatives for you, our loyal customers.

We introduced batch printing, Color Coded Grid based on payment status, unit level uploading of documents and images and a host of other smaller enhancements and bug fixes.

We have made the decision to press ahead aggressively with credit card integration. With over 300 users world-wide this is not an easy task. We already link to five processors, ISO’s or gateways. We now want to add more choices but it is impossible to satisfy everyone so please fill out our survey at and tell us which processor you use so that we can focus on the more popular and widely available ones when choosing our next 3 integrated processors.

Next month we will be announcing our new strategic partnership and how this can benefit and help you to increase revenue, engage your clients better and grow your presence on social media. We are anticipating these will be a big hit with our user base. RezExpert is rapidly becoming much more than a reservation and property management system.

As the winter months draw closer we naturally think about the holiday season. We urge you to think about what you need to run your business next year and plan ahead. We have some great new features and modules that can help you streamline your business. Simply go to our newly updated website, for more information.

Kevin Hall | Managing Director | DigitalRez Group of Companies |
Phone: 1 (800) 811 – 5988

Main Feature

DigitalRez Update

Many of our user base experienced a good summer season with many recording gains over last year.

We continued to enhance the RezExpert system with requested features from you, our clients. Only one update was implemented in the month of August due to the busy summer period. Now that the busy season has passed, more updates will be forthcoming.

The most recent updates include:

Color Coded Grid Based on Payment Status of the Reservation
Many clients have asked for the grid colors to be linked to the payment status of the reservation (fully paid, partially paid or no payment taken). This is now adjustable by preference as other clients wanted it to stay as it is now.

Alternative Name on the Reservation Grid
Some clients requested the ability to show another name on the reservation grid different to the main occupant. This has been added in the latest update.

Batch Printing
Many clients requested the ability to batch print reports especially on those busy check-in days. This has been implemented with the latest update of RezExpert.

Many more small adjustments have been made to the system to help speed up some of the more time consuming tasks. We will continue to improve RezExpert in the coming months.

Kevin Hall | Managing Director | DigitalRez Group of Companies |

DigitalRez Update (Chip’n’Pin (EMV) Technology)

DigitalRez Update

In this update we will be focusing on credit card processing and highlighting the new regulations implemented by Visa and MasterCard in their latest PCI DSS III for credit card data security. We have invested over $500,000 so far into RezExpert to make sure we do not contravene these new regulations.

Visa and MasterCard are now targeting businesses more with the Chip’n’Pin (EMV) technology. This will become mandatory from October. If you are not ready for this technology you will be liable for any fraudulent purchases.

There is nothing that we can do from a business standpoint to make you ready except to provide you with the most up to date information. Armed with this information you can contact your merchant service provider or bank.

One of our integrated payment processors (Nationwide) has provided us with the following.

Chip enabled credit cards (EMV) liability shift happening on the 1st of October 2015.

The true objective behind all of this is to reduce card present fraud in the electronic payments processing industry by making it harder for fraud to be committed in the first place.

This means that whichever side in the transaction has the less secure processing technology is liable for any card present fraud on a transaction run at the location. For example, if a merchant has an EMV capable machine & is presented with a non-chip card that turns out to be a fraudulent sale, the bank is liable for the fraud as they failed to upgrade their cardholder’s card to the most secure standard.

In the reverse situation if the card is a chip card but the merchant doesn’t have an EMV capable terminal, the merchant is liable for any chargebacks as a result of card present fraud.

Nationwide takes security seriously and recommends that all merchants try and upgrade to EMV capable equipment by October. However, there are sometimes instances beyond a merchant’s control that will result in an upgrade by October 2015 not being feasible.

Merchants need to determine what their risk for card present fraud is if they are going to be using equipment that is not EMV capable after October 2015.

Questions merchants need to ask themselves are:

What is my average ticket?
What is our history of chargebacks related to card present fraud?
Do we ask for identification for transaction amounts that are higher than our normal average sale?

If the exposure makes the resort uncomfortable, Nationwide can offer to place a free use EMV counter top terminal until the readers are available for all integrated Nationwide/Paytrace customers.

Please email Ray Eliante at for more information with EMV in the subject line. This is very important information and we hope that you act on it by following up with your relevant merchant service providers.

Kevin Hall | Managing Director | DigitalRez Group of Companies |

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