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Wildcard Glossary

Wildcards are available to help customize your emails and reports.
All Custom Fields created automatically have a Wildcard created.

Alt_Confirmation_NumberAlternate Reservation Confirmation Number entered on Corporate; Travel Agent; Wholesaler; Channel reservations.
Alt_Grid_LabelAlternate Grid label listed in Reservation.
Cancel_AmountReservation charges cancelled.
Cancel_CommentsComments entered into the Cancellation Comments box at the time of cancellation.
Cancel_Date: Date the reservation was canceled.
Cancel_Description: Description of Cancellation Fee, and amount of fee charged at cancellation.
Cancel_TruncAmount: Cancellation Fee, minus any cent value.
Client_Default_ImageDefault Image uploaded to the Client’s file.
Client_PasswordClient’s Online Password.
Client_Username: Client’s Online Username.
Confirmation_NumberReservation Confirmation number.
Document_LinksPDF Global/Unit Type documents.
Frontdesk_Rez_Number: Reservation number.
Group_Email_CommentComment entered to display on the Group Confirmation Email sent out.
Group_Summary_Custom: Displaying group reservation list including Check-In Date only, and Group totals..
Group_Summary_DetailDisplaying group reservation list including Check In and Check Out date, and Group totals.
Guest_Address1: Address listed in Address Line 1 in the Reservation (and Client Editor).
Guest_Address2: Address listed in Address Line 2 in the Reservation (and Client Editor).
Guest_CityCity listed in Reservation (and Client Editor).
Guest_Co_First_NameClient’s Partner’s First Name.
Guest_Co_Last_NameClient’s Partner’s Last Name.
Guest_EmailEmail Address entered in the Reservation (and Client Editor).
Guest_Fax_NumberFax number listed in Reservation (and Client Editor).
Guest_First_NameClient’s First Name.
Guest_Full_NameClient’s Full Name.
Guest_Last_NameClient’s Last Name.
Guest_MemberIDMember ID listed in Client Editor.
Guest_PhonePhone number listed in Reservation (and Client Editor).
Guest_Mobile_Phone: Client’s mobile phone number.
Guest_PostalPostal Code number listed in Reservation (and Client Editor).
Guest_Prov_StateState listed in Reservation (and Client Editor).
Member_Address1: Address listed in Address Line 1 on the Reservation (and Client Editor).
Member_Address2: Address listed in Address Line 2 on the Reservation (and Client Editor).
Member_City: City listed in Reservation (and Client Editor).
Member_Co_First_NameGroup Booking Summary Client’s Partners First Name.
Member_Co_Last_NameGroup Booking Summary Client’s Partners Last Name.
Member_Fax_Number: Fax number listed in Reservation (and Client Editor).
Member_First_Name: Group Booking Summary Client’s First Name.
Member_Full_Name: Group Booking Summary Client’s Full Name.
Member_Last_Name: Group Booking Summary Client’s Last Name.
Member_PhonePhone number listed in Reservation (and Client Editor).
Member_Postal: Postal Code number listed in Reservation (and Client Editor).
Member_Prov_StateState listed in Reservation (and Client Editor).
Occupant_DetailsOccupants on the reservation.
Online_Product_Sales: Products sold online.
Pin_Card_NumberAssigned Security Gate Pin Code.
Quote_Client_Name: Client name associated with the quote.
Quote_Comments: Comments associated with the quote.
Quote_Confirmation_Number: Confirmation number associated with the quote.
Quote_Made_Date: Comments associated with the quote.
Quote_Expiry_Date: The expiry date of the quote.
Quote_Product_Sales: Product Sales associated with the quote.
Quote_Sum_Charges: The sum of charges associated with the quote.
Report_LinksAttached Reservation reports – Confirmation letters, Tax Receipts/Invoices.
Rez_Arrival_Time: The arrival time listed on the reservation.
Rez_Balance_DueCurrent Balance of Reservation.
Rez_Charges: Charges associated with Reservation.
Rez_Check_Out_Date: Reservation Check-Out Date.
Rez_Check_Out_Date_Long_Day_FormatReservation Check Out Date with day.
Rez_Comments1: Client Comments entered at the time of booking (Online Reservations).
Rez_Comments2: Comments entered into the reservation by Employees.
Rez_Create_Time: When the Reservation was made.
Rez_Departure_Time: Departure time listed on the reservation.
Rez_Deposit_Policy: Deposit Policy assigned to the reservation.
Rez_Deposits: Deposits Paid amount.
Rez_Discount: Amount that has been discounted off the reservation.
Rez_Email_Comment: Email comment associated with the reservation.
Rez_Number: Reservation Number.
Rez_Number_Of_Nights: Length of reservation.
Rez_Number_Of_People: Number of Occupants entered in the reservation.
Rez_Number_Of_Pets: Number of Pets entered in the reservation.
Rez_Open_Date: Check In date of reservation.
Rez_Open_Date_Long_Day_FormatCheck In date of reservation with day.
Rez_PaymentsPayments made to the reservation.
Rez_Promo_code: The promo code associated with the reservation.
Rez_Rate_Group: The rate group associated with the reservation.
Rez_Rate_Per_NightDaily Rate of the reservation.
Rez_Refund_Payment: Payment amount refunded at time of cancellation.
Rez_Total_Tax: Total amount of Tax associated with the reservation.
Rez_Unit_Label: Assigned Unit to the reservation.
Robot_Address1Business address entered in Business Setup > 1. Business Info Address Line 1.
Robot_Address2: Business address entered in Business Setup > 1. Business Info Address Line 2.
Robot_CityBusiness city entered in Business Setup > 1. Business Info.
Robot_Country: The country the business is located in.
Robot_DirectionsText entered in the Directions panel in Business Setup > 8. Unit Type Policy Description.
Robot_EmailBusiness Email address listed in 1. Business Info.
Robot_Fax_NumberBusiness Fax number entered in 1. Business Info.
Robot_NameBusiness Name.
Robot_PhoneBusiness Phone Number entered in 1. Business Info.
Robot_PostalBusiness Postal Code.
Robot_Tax_Number: Business Tax Number.
Robot_Website: Business Website Address entered in 1. Business Info.
Security_DepositsSecurity Deposit Amount applied/paid on reservation.
Standard_MsgText entered in the Email Confirmation Text panel in 8. Unit Type Policy Description.
System_DateCurrent date.
Tax_DetailsLists of taxes and amounts applied to reservation.
Terms_And_ConditionsInformation entered in Business Terms & Conditions panel in 8. Unit Type Policy Description.
Total_Incl_TaxReservation tax amount.
Type_Cancel_PolicyCancellation Policy for the Unit Type.
Type_Checkin_Time: Check-In time set in the Unit Type setup.
Type_Checkout_Time: Check Out time set in the Unit Type setup.
Type_General_PolicyGeneral Policy text entered in 8. Unit Type Policy Description > General Policy text panel.
Type_LabelUnit Type Name.
Type_Long_NameUnit Type Long Name.
Vehicle_Desc: Vehicle Description entered in the reservation.

FAQ – What do the symbols on the reservations mean?

Each reservation will have a symbol prior to the client’s name. These can help you identify the different statuses of the reservations, particularly when you use Custom Alerts.

– Reservation is not assigned to any specific unit #.

*– Reservation has been Checked in (Checked out reservation will also display this reservation)

No Symbol – Reservation is assigned to a specific unit #.


These symbols will also display within the Regular Pencil Ins and Group Bookings.

NOTE: Maintenance Pencil Ins will not display symbols, as they are locked to the selected unit/site.

FAQ – How do I send a confirmation to a different Email?

  • Select the Reservation and open the Guest Folio
  • Within the Client Details, enter in the alternate email into the Secondary Email field.
  • Press Submit to finalise the update.
  • Click Print Other, select the Email confirmation and select the email recipients

Assigning a WiFi Password to Check-in Forms…

Assign WiFi password to a check-in form:

  • Go to Setup > Business Setup > 8. Unit Type Policy Editor.
  • Expand the Unit Type Policy Description panel, and click the Global tab.
  • Add the required text to the Check in Form text panel. Check to be sure it looks uniformed to you.
  • Selecting the Check In Form with Detail will display the entered text/information.  (If this Check In form option is not appearing in your “Print Selector – Check in”, contact Support to enable the Check in Form.

What does the Rez Pending number mean?

  • On the top left of the Availability Grid is the Rez Pending number, indicating the current number of Pending Reservations.
  • A Pending Reservation is when NO payment has been made when a Deposit has been requested.
  • These reservations will display as Red (default No Depost Paid colour) on the Availability Grid.
  • Clicking on the Rez Pending icon will direct you to the Pending tab of the Arrivals/Departures panel to review the Reservation.

Note: Pending reservations remain in the Pending List for 90 days from the date they were created.

FAQ – How do I clean up my Client Database?

Multiple Client Records can be result for a single client when an operator doesnt Search for the Client, and instead selects New Client.

  • Click Admin from the Menu Bar, expand Administrative and select 9. Client Manager.
  • Select the Other Duplicates tab, and all the Duplicates will display to either Merge or Delete.

How do we indicate Units with special information?

We have some units that have limitations on whom can rent that unit i.e. No pets. Is there a way that we can flag these specific units?

There are multiple options to flag specific units for staff:

  1. Unit Alerts
  2. Unit Description Information
  3. View tabs.

Setup Information:

1 – Unit Alerts: Create an Alert to change the colour of the Unit’s Unit Type on the Availability Grid.
Click Utilities button from the Availability Grid and click Alert Setup.
Within the Alert Setup panel, click Add.
Enter in the Label – name of Alert for example “No Pets”
Colour: Select the required colour
Alert Type: Select Unit
Press Submit to finalise.
– On the Availability Grid, click on the required Units and from the Upcoming Bookings and Pencil In drop down, select the Alert from the Unit Alert.

2 – Unit Description Information: Enter in information, into Unit Setup, to display on the Upcoming Bookings and Pencil In drop down when the unit is selected on the Availability Grid.
Click Setup from the Menu Bar, expand Business Setup and click 7. Unit Types > Units > Features
Scroll down to the Unit Setup panel and expand the Unit Type tree list.
Select the units from the tree list and click Edit in the Unit Description panel to enter in the information.
Repeat for the remaining units.

3 – View Tabs:  Create a View tab “No Pets” to group the required Units into.
Click Utilities button from the Availability Grid and click View Setup.
Click Add.
Grid Type: Unit
View Label: Enter in the name (brief description of special information)of the View tab i.e. No Pets
Order of Appearance: Enter in the order number you want it to appear in
Initial Grid View: No
Select the required Units to display within this View Tab from the Unit selection.
Press Submit to finalise.
– On the Availability Grid, there will now be a View Tab that contains all the flagged units with the special information.

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