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RezExpert Feature – Push Notification

Push Notification – We will now be also utilizing Push Notification to alert our users of any updates and emergency notifications. Users will need to allow these notifications on their computer to be able to receive them.


Note:  If you wish to receive the notifications on any other device, just log into the reservation system using this device and Allow the notification. Alternatively, it can be manually added to your browser settings but adding as an exception in your Notification exception section.


RezExpert Feature Highlight

Unit Level Images for Online Mapping – Images can now be added exclusively to a unit on the map interface online. This is done by going to the unit setup panel (Setup -> Business Setup -> Unit Types-Units-Features), choosing a Unit from the Unit Type list to on the left panel, and choosing the Modify Image List option.


RezExpert Update Bulletin



From here you can upload any image desirable to be displayed on the online booking interface.


RezExpert Update Bulletin



The image will now appear when the unit is chosen from the map. Clicking on the image displays an enlarged image view.


RezExpert Update Bulletin

RezExpert Feature Highlight

Reverse Invoices – Users will now be able to reverse an invoice in a reservation by clicking the Rev button in the Guest Folio under the Charges and Payments section.   This will apply an opposite charge of the products within the invoice and hidden in the Till tape.

Reverse Invoices

RezExpert Feature Highlight

Reservation Payment Status Color preference – A new preference is now available if a user wishes to have the payment status (no payment, partially paid and fully paid) to take priority over the reservation status (unassigned, assigned).   The assigned colors can be viewed in the Grid Color Legend by clicking on Utilities and choosing the Grid Color Legend option.

Note:  Custom alert colors take precedence over all alerts colors except for no deposit paid

To enable Reservation Colours to be determined by Payment Status, rather than Booking Status:
Click Setup from the Menu bar, expand Business Setup and click 1. Business Info
Click on the Preferences tab

Tick on the setting Payment Status has priority over Booking Status on Grid?

Payment Status preference



The colors can be seen on the grid, signifying the payment status of each reservation. The image below shows fully paid and partially paid reservations.


Support link for Payment Status Alerts:

RezExpert Feature Highlight 09/01/15

Alternate Grid Label

This new preference has been added to the business setup. This new option allows a user to override the grid label with one of their own.  For example, when creating a reservation, the name of the customer would be the default label name. This can now be overridden with a name of your choice. This option can be found in Business Setup -> Business Info -> Preferences.




Typing “The President” overrides the default label name on the grid.


Feature Highlight – I.P. Security

1. I.P. Security – This new feature allows for access restriction to employees. This is done by assigning a single or multiple I.P. addresses to an employee which will restrict them to just that station or other stations associated with the I.P. address. An employee with no I.P. restriction would have access to the system from anywhere, including home.

P.S. To enable this feature contact DigitalRez. Feature rate is $19.95 a month.


IP Security


Our feature highlight for the month is the new Auto-Emailing update. This new feature allows a business to customize and schedule emails sent to customers prior to check in and/or after check out. These emails can be personalized to specific unit types for e.g., clients checking in to a specific unit type can receive a personalized email scheduled to be sent 2 (or any specified amount of days) days prior. This is a great new feature for greeting and bidding farewell to customers of your business, and all with an easy set up.



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