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A NEW help document for the Business Info page has been added

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New Help File Added – 5th Sept 2014 – Alert Setup



A new help file has been added to the help archive.   The Alert Setup allows a user to color code a reservation or a Unit for quick reference from the Availability Grid.       



Click here for Alert Setup Help Document






A new help file has been added to the help archive.   The Channel Rate Plan Manager provides an all-in-one tool for control of pricing that you expose to various Third Party Channels. With future modifications it will also be used to affect rates for your front desk, website and call center components. This system will also be able to assist you in getting a much clearer understanding of
pricing yield when compared to occupancy, right down to individual Unit Types.      




Click here for Channel Rate Plan Manager Help Document







Three New Help File documents have been added to the system for the RezRobot (Online Booking Interface):

1.   Check Availability – This will provide an understanding of the Booking Grid on RezRobot.

Click here for Check Availability Help Document



2.   Booking Details – This will provide a description of the next stage of creation an online reservation where the client would be entering their personal information  and submitting their reservation

Click here for Booking Details Help Document




3.   Reservation Services – This will provide a description of the Reservation Activity panels where the clients are able to manage and track their reservations.  

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A new help file has been added to the help archive.   The client manager help documentation provide assistance on how to manage duplicate emails and clients within the system and thus provide improvements in analyzing and exporting of client records.   By going to Admin in the Menu Bar, Administrative and 9. Client Manager




Click here for Client Manager Help Document





New Help File Added – Occupant Types Help File updated


The Occupant Types page and panel help file has been updated to reflect the new Default Occupant feature.

To locate page, go to :

(1)    Setup

(2)   Business Setup

(3)   6. Occupant Types



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