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RezExpert – Merging Duplicate Clients

This video demonstrates how to merge duplicate clients within RezExpert.

RezExpert is a full featured reservation & property management system suitable for a wide range of business verticals. Developed using the latest web and security protocols it manages reservation and property management functions for multiple business types from Hotels, Campgrounds, B&B’s, Marinas and Condos to Multi-resort Networks.

New Training Video- (Oct 29th 2013) New Videos have been added


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New Videos have been added to the Grid Page video panel.   Use the Left and Right arrows to scroll between the available videos.  See list below of newly added videos:


1.        Arrivals and Departures

2.        Client History

3.        How to Perform an End Of Day

4.        Invoice Location

5.        Search for Rez

6.        How to create Group Bookings

7.        Add a warning List

4.        Check In and Check Out

5.        How to add charge to Guest Folio

6.        Registered Guests

7.        Pay a Reservation by Cash

A new video has been added to the DigitalRez training library.  This video shows how to use the Fill Multiple feature within the Rates Setup.

To view video

1)  Setup

2)  Pricing and Rates

3)  Rates Setup

4)  Rates-Fill Multiple (video located to the bottom of the page)





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