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RezExpert 9.0 – Down to the Minute



RezExpert’s Down-To-The-Minute module allows any establishment to book time increments per day. Essential for spa’s, golf tee times, tennis court rental, tours, boat and Kayak rentals or anything that requires an appointment.The appointment module still utilizes the unique grid interface within RezExpert.




Reservations can have a unique color code to signify the various statuses of a reservation (paid, no payment or partially paid, etc). You can set unlimited time slots and assign employees to time slots for easy management of appointments.

RezExpert 9.0

Dynamic Reporting

RezExpert has a new, more robust approach to reporting. Instead of the traditional report section that generates generic reports. Many panels within RezExpert can be filtered, drill downs can be initiated and at any point data can be exported in csv or reports printed directly.

However because of this approach many users state they rarely need to print a report to pinpoint an issue. Instead they use the panels to isolate an issue, drill down to the offending issue go straight to the folio or account from the panel and make the adjustment immediately saving hours of time. We also have the traditional none dynamic report area dedicated to printable reports.

 Data Mining

Data mining plays a huge part of helping companies maximize revenue and pinpoint issues. Typically data mining systems cost tens of thousands of dollars and are only available to larger organizations. In order to make this available to all businesses on the system and not make it a drain on the production server, we have instantiated a duplicate server for data mining purposes only.

This server has data that is synchronized once per day with the production database and is not intended for real-time analytics for the current time, but for the more process heavy comparison analytics of historical data more than a day old, typically months and years into the past.

To make this module even more robust we have implemented a dynamic graphical interface for those that need a graphical representation of the data, suitable for meetings and printing off to use in reports. These graphs and charts are presented in a dash board that can be customized by managers and saved so they load each time a manager loads the interface.


RezExpert 9.0 – Centralized Document Management


Centralized document management enables managers to upload unlimited documents and images to a unit or client for retrieval at any time. This includes images of clients or units and any legal documents associated to the unit or to the client.


Analytics2 Charts

 Pace reporting is an essential part of any modern reservation property management system. RezExpert has a powerful Pace / Analytics module. Compare year on year, monthly or any desired date range. Know if your business is growing or shrinking based on past and present performance.The unique RezExpert dynamic reporting panels allow managers to drill down and export data to csv, image and pdf formats.

RezExpert9 | Integrated Point of Sale


RezExpert integrates seamlessly with a cost effective, powerful cloud based Point of Sale system. Easily post gift shop or food and beverage charges to the guest folio. Run reports to seamlessly audit sales against room charges, track inventory and much more.

This affordable POS system ships with terminal, monitor, scanner and EMV enabled credit card unit for one low price or choose the pay-as-you-go plan.

RezExpert 9 | Dynamic Pricing


RezExpert has a unique dynamic pricing module. Managers can define their resorts weekends, Fri – Mon, Sat – Sun, Fri – Sun and any combination in between. These defined weekends can also be changed for any date range making it very flexible. When these weekends are set, rates can be applied once which filters through the system for the associated time periods to apply the appropriate rates. Longer weekends can be defined for those special holiday times such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and 4th July.




The dynamic pricing module also caters for multiple rates within a given week based on resort preferences for daily, weekly, monthly and long term stays.

RezExpert also provides the traditional dynamic pricing based on occupancy and daily rates. Rates adjust automatically based on the occupancy level of the resort at the time of booking. The price adjustment thresholds can be set by operators in the rate plan manager area of the software.

RezExpert 9 Features and Modules

RezExpert 9.0 is finally here with a snazzy interface and a slew of new modules and features. View everything RezExpert 9.0 has to offer at Here is a snippet of one of the new features on RezExpert 9.0.


RezExpert 9.0 | Rental Management

The RezExpert Rental management module streamlines the management of rentals. We automate flexible billing for the day, week, month, quarter, half year etc. You can set whatever date range needed for the automated billing module.

The wild card report writer enables users to craft system or unit specific license agreements to merge system fields for individual documentation per renter and per rental unit.

Centralized document management enables rental managers to upload unlimited documents and images to a unit or renter for retrieval at any time.