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RezExpert – Setting Up a Payment Gateway


This video walks through the usage of the Meter Batch Export Button

RezExpert is a full featured reservation & property management system suitable for a wide range of business verticals. Developed using the latest web and security protocols it manages reservation and property management functions for multiple business types from hotels, Campgrounds, B&B’s, marinas and Condos to multi-resort networks.

New Support Website

supWe are proud to announce our new RezExpert Support website where you can search for the latest FAQ’s, watch video tutorials and get the latest RezExpert tips and tricks.

Don’t miss using this great resource that helps you manage your reservations and property management daily.


Click Here or paste link below into browser address bar

Tech Tip- Hiding Units Online

This month’s Tech Tip shows how to hide specific units for showing in the online interface

Click to watch the video below to find out more……

Tech Tips- Payments

Today’s Tech tip covers how to make payments. Making payments is a very important process in any reservation system. We show you our PCI compliant way.

Click on the images below to see a video of each process in our SaaS  and Windows software systems.


Tech Highlight – Tax Setup

Taxes are one of the most important things to configure in the system. Every business needs to have accurate tax setup for obvious accounting reasons.

The ROS2006 Windows product and our new Software as a Service (SaaS) system, both allow for complex advanced tax setups which cater for a multitude of tax situations. Our tax algorithms have been tried and tested across north America, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.

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Tech Highlight – Setting Up Rates

Setting up rates is one of the most important features of any reservation system. Digital Rez software is utilized in many different business types with a wide range of rate structures, time periods and business rules including charging by room, cabin and length etc

To accommodate this varied user base we have a very robust rate setup structure in our windows product, which has been enhanced in the new hosted Software as a Service model. See how to ROS2006 and the new SaaS system setup









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Tech Highlight – making a pencil-in on the grid

Tech SupportCreating pencil-ins is an easy and very important feature in our windows based front desk system and in our Software as a Service (SaaS) product. If you have a unit that is out of commission for whatever reason such as flooding, damage etc, using the pencil-in feature makes it easy for you to block out that unit for resevations during the time it is being fixed.

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