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Widget Generator for your Website

The Widget Generator will allow for an additional booking section to your website.
Your guests will be able to enter in their required stay dates & number of occupants to have the available Unit Types and Units display for that date range/occupant selection.

1. Location

Click on a Menu button, select the Admin tab to click on Widget Generator under the Administrative section.

2. Setup

Mobile: Displays the information in a stacked/vertical view.  If not selected, the Widget display will be horizontal.
Enable Unit Type Selection: To display Unit Types in a drop down (with the # of units available during the date range selected). This will allow the guest to choose the required Unit Type and enter in the number of guests required, once selected the guest will be directed to that Unit Type’s availability grid for booking.
Title: Text to display at the top of the widget. Doesn’t need to be set.
Check-In Text: Text to display with the Check-In Date selector. For example, Arrival Date
Check Out Text: Text to display with the Check Out Date selector. For example, Departure Date
Button Text: Text to display on the button to proceed with the booking. For example, Book Now
Date Format: Enter in the date display format required. This is a standard date format, for example, dd-mm-yy or mm, dd, yy.
Unit Type Selector Text: Text to display above the Unit Type selector drop down.
Colors: The colors of the widget can be configured to the business’s preference.
Required HTML Header Content: This information needs to be passed onto your website designer to embed onto the website.  Copy content and paste in email for the website designer.
Required HTML Body Content: This information needs to be passed onto your website designer to embed onto the website. Copy content and paste in email for the website designer.

3. Preview

This is a dynamic page and there is no Submit button to save changes.
Any changes to the Widget page (during setup) will automatically update the HTML Header and Body Content.
RezExpert will not save the created Widget for future reference, so it is essential that the design is completed and sent to the website designer prior to moving to a different area of RezExpert or logging out.
The Preview button is available to preview the Widget settings.

Mobile Enabled:




Mobile Not Enabled:


Click here to view the Help Document PDF

Shopping Cart on the Online Booking Page

Shopping Cart will allow guests to book multiple reservations for different times of the year and pay their total in one payment.
Contact your RezExpert Support Tech to enable the Shopping Cart module.


RezExpert – Setting Up a Payment Gateway


This video walks through the usage of the Meter Batch Export Button

RezExpert is a full featured reservation & property management system suitable for a wide range of business verticals. Developed using the latest web and security protocols it manages reservation and property management functions for multiple business types from hotels, Campgrounds, B&B’s, marinas and Condos to multi-resort networks.

New Support Website

supWe are proud to announce our new RezExpert Support website where you can search for the latest FAQ’s, watch video tutorials and get the latest RezExpert tips and tricks.

Don’t miss using this great resource that helps you manage your reservations and property management daily.


Click Here or paste link below into browser address bar

Tech Tip- Hiding Units Online

This month’s Tech Tip shows how to hide specific units for showing in the online interface

Click to watch the video below to find out more……

Tech Tips- Payments

Today’s Tech tip covers how to make payments. Making payments is a very important process in any reservation system. We show you our PCI compliant way.

Click on the images below to see a video of each process in our SaaS  and Windows software systems.


Tech Highlight – Tax Setup

Taxes are one of the most important things to configure in the system. Every business needs to have accurate tax setup for obvious accounting reasons.

The ROS2006 Windows product and our new Software as a Service (SaaS) system, both allow for complex advanced tax setups which cater for a multitude of tax situations. Our tax algorithms have been tried and tested across north America, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.

< vid Read more here

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