DigitalRez, a business with offices in Barbados, Canada and Australia, is encouraging people to view their YouTube channel. This channel hosts a wealth of training videos for the RezExpert Reservation Software, as well as marketing videos that highlight some of the modules of RezExpert. Some of the videos available to view are: “RezExpert – The Preventative Maintenance Module”, “RezExpert – The Task Maintenance Panel”, “RezExpert – The Resource Task Manager Page”, and “RezExpert – A Decommissioned Unit”.

Kevin Hall from DigitalRez says: “We have decided to launch a YouTube channel with training and marketing videos to make it easier for our clients to build their understanding of our different systems and how these can help them. We intend to add a wide range of new videos gradually to provide people with further information and make the entire system even more user friendly.”

Additionally, the company has recently engaged in an active social media campaign. In so doing, they have launched a number of new social media channels, above and beyond YouTube. The new Facebook page has only recently been launched, for instance, yet has already attracted quite a number of likes. They use this social media page to share industry news and further information about their services as well as customer reviews.

Taken from their website, they have shared a review by Katrina G. on the Facebook page that highlights the high-quality service people have come to expect from DigitalRez: “We were very apprehensive about upgrading from old ROS to the new RezExpert, but the whole process went very smoothly. The ongoing support and training that we receive is greatly appreciated. It is hard to believe that we took so long to make the decision to change – RezExpert is so much faster and efficient!”

On the company’s main website, people can find further information on the various services that DigitalRez offers through RezExpert. Their focus is on providing professionals with a complete reservation and property management system. This helps property managers to become more organized and a lot more efficient, saving time and other resources across the board. People are encouraged to check out the website to choose the system that is right for them.

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