Kevin Hall, Managing Director of DigitalRez Group of Companies, has announced that their Campground Reservation Software System, RezExpert, has become very popular among campground businesses. He said that the main reason for this growth in popularity is because their campground reservation software is the most advanced in the industry while still being able to maintain an excellent user-friendly experience.

DigitalRez stated that RezExpert is ideal for campgrounds as they are very unique businesses, and because of this, they require features that are not easily found in regular reservation software. The company understood this need and made it their goal to create a solution for these businesses, and they are very happy with RezExpert, which is the outcome. DigitalRez added,

“Some of the most basic features needed include: length and width sensitivity; the ability to track electricity usage along with water & sewage are also essential features. RezExpert incorporates all of these as a standard feature set.”

When a campground business gets access to the campgound reservation software system, they will be able to access features such as map bookings, online reservations, credit card processing and the ability to manage more than one campground within the same RezExpert system. DigitalRez added that their campground reservation system can also be accessed from anywhere that there is an Internet connection. This is good news for clients that are always on the go and need to access the system through their tablet instead of a desktop PC or Mac.

DigitalRez also provides an RV management software system (RMS) that can be accessed in the cloud. The reservation system is also completely configurable, but is aimed at RV resorts. The company said that the RezExpert cloud-based system also gives clients the ability to maintain their entire business in one simple interface that is easy to learn. DigitalRez said the following,

“We also provide a robust online reservation module that interface reservation requests from your website directly to the front desk software. This added feature helps you maximize revenue and occupancy 24/7. No more lost clients through busy phone lines and no more double posting from email requests. Sit back and let RezExpert take the additional online orders.”

If clients would like to get more information on their modules, they are encouraged to visit the RezExpert Website. Here, they will find a dedicated page on all the modules that clients will be able to access. An added benefit of the RezExpert system is that no long-term contract is needed.

The company urges all those who are interested in their campground reservation software system, RezExpert, to visit them directly on the RezExpert website. Here, clients will be able to find full details on each of their systems, and there is also a “request a quote” form that they can fill out on their website. Interested parties also have the option to contact them by email, or to call them by phone in order to have more of their questions answered. DigitalRez stated that their goal is focused on more than just creating an advanced campground reservation software system for their clients; the company’s priority is to also consistently provide high quality customer service.

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