The end of September through to the middle of October has been a hectic one in terms of software enhancements and finalizing new and exciting initiatives for you, our loyal customers.

We introduced batch printing, Color Coded Grid based on payment status, unit level uploading of documents and images and a host of other smaller enhancements and bug fixes.

We have made the decision to press ahead aggressively with credit card integration. With over 300 users world-wide this is not an easy task. We already link to five processors, ISO’s or gateways. We now want to add more choices but it is impossible to satisfy everyone so please fill out our survey at and tell us which processor you use so that we can focus on the more popular and widely available ones when choosing our next 3 integrated processors.

Next month we will be announcing our new strategic partnership and how this can benefit and help you to increase revenue, engage your clients better and grow your presence on social media. We are anticipating these will be a big hit with our user base. RezExpert is rapidly becoming much more than a reservation and property management system.

As the winter months draw closer we naturally think about the holiday season. We urge you to think about what you need to run your business next year and plan ahead. We have some great new features and modules that can help you streamline your business. Simply go to our newly updated website, for more information.

Kevin Hall | Managing Director | DigitalRez Group of Companies |
Phone: 1 (800) 811 – 5988

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