DIGITALREZ UPDATE – September 2016

The summer of 2016 has been very busy for DigitalRez. We have continued to upgrade RezExpert with updates every 5 – 7 weeks with new features.

We have added many new features such as:

  • Wait List – increase revenue by contacting guests from the wait list when units become available.
  • Online Marketing Types – Track which marketing is working for online reservations.
  • Marketing Opt-in Preference + export – Ask for permission to send your clients marketing material.
  • Updated Export Options – More choices for exporting have been added to certain panels, increasing the amount of data that can be exported.
  • Security Deposits Online Inclusion – Add security deposit takings to online reservations.
  • Warning List for Online – When clients that are already on the warning list make a reservation online it will be highlighted in the new online reservation.
  • Easier Cutoff/End of Day Management – We have now added a search for cutoff to make it easier to manage and find historical data.
  • Quotes – Add and save quotes and recall them at a later date saving re-entry time.
  • Promo Codes – Increase revenue by creating and tracking promo codes within RezExpert.

We have already received rave reviews for some of these new features and we are continually updating RezExpert with new features and modules.


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