The last few months have been a very busy period for DigitalRez. We have been updating and improving our RezExpert software to provide a better, more robust program for you, our clients.

The next major update will be released next week (26/10/16) and will include a variety of fixes and additions.

A major feature that will be available next week is the Pay for the Last Night feature. This feature will allow a business to automatically add an additional daily charge to a reservation.  It can then be easily reversed if necessary.

RezExpert currently has some great features and modules included that will be beneficial. One such feature is Events which is absolutely free. This feature allows users to set special Events on the Reservation Grid, like concerts, car shows, etc. Notifications are provided when a reservation overlaps that Event date(s) and can be configured to restrict online reservations of customers if necessary.

Note: Online restriction is only available if utilizing memberships.

Also available is the free Waiting List feature which provides the ability to create a Waiting List of clients who wish to make a reservation when there is no available inventory.

We also have a Promo Codes feature.  This paid for feature will allow the creation of codes for different specials and promotions. Guests and operators can enter the provided promo code and automatically be offered specific promotional rates/specials.

There will be more to come in February 2017 such as the 2nd stage of the Analytics Panel. This upgrade will feature more detailed analytical comparisons with a more streamlined interface. Data can be further broken down from the system allowing users to compile comparison results based on set time frames and unit types giving the capability to generate charts, graphs, and tables from the data.

We will continue to add and improve RezExpert for you, our clients, and listen to your feedback to make RezExpert the definitive reservation software on the market.


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