East Fork Stables gets our vote for one of the websites of the month. The best points about the website are:

  • Easy to navigateeast-fork-stables
  • Well branded website with their colors and logo design
  • Their toll free and regular telephone number prominently displayed on the front page of their website
  • They have powered their website with online reservation that link directly to their front desk system
  • They have Google maps integrated into the website for easy to follow directions.
  • They are utilizing social media in their website presence.
  • Lots of pictures are on the website.
  • East Fork Ranch online booking engine is themed to match their main website to enhance the user experience when booking online

Some enhancement could be :

  • Videos on the website – they always focus users attention and provide the best medium in converting “lookers” into “bookers” when they can identify with the experience they are watching.
  • A Mobile version of the website is essential in today’s world. There are many types of mobile websites, some good and some bad.
  • Youtube channel
  • Twitter Channel

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