Error while paying Rent

FAQ – Received an error “Cannot Overpay Reservation” while trying to pay rent that is displaying in a Permanent Resident’s Guest Folio.


1. Error Message
If you receive the error ‘Cannot Overpay Reservation – You are trying to enter an amount that will overpay your reservation which is not allowed‘, the following steps will help you resolve the error message.

Reason why:
The reason why you have received this error message is due to Processed Periodic Billing charges are displaying Yellow and are in a Pending state.
You will also notice there is a difference in the amount between the Balance Displaying and the amount displaying when attempting to post the payment.

Cancel the payment, and click Process (or alternatively click Admin from the Menu Bar, expand Periodic Billing and select 3. Process Periodic Billing).
Scroll down and expand the Batch Review  panel.
You will see the Pending batch display. Select the Batch and select Confirm in the Batch Summary.
(Repeat if there are more than 1 Pending batch displaying in the Search).

After you have confirmed the batch, you will be able to select the client and click Guest Folio to process through the payment.

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