1 – Online Booking Session Dialog (Online Booking page)
This dialog box will appear if a client takes too long to make an Online Booking.
NOTE: This does not appear a minute before the session is to expire.

2 – Console Session Dialog
If there is no activity on your console for 29 minutes, this dialog box will appear, allowing the user to continue their session by clicking Refresh, disregard the message by clicking Ignore or click Go To Login to be redirected to the login page.

3 – Reservation Session Dialog
If there is a 9 minute period of inactivity in the process of creating a reservation, this dialog will appear. The user may either Ignore the dialogue by clicking Ignore or continue their session by clicking Refresh.

4 – Reservation Lost Session Dialog
This dialog will appear if the user takes too long to refresh their reservation session or the inventory is no longer available at the point of refresh.

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