With the new PCI 3.0 standards coming into effect in January 2014 we are moving quickly to make sure the RezExpert reservation system can maintain an out-of-scope status, Saving you time and money.

Digital Rez is proud to announce five new integrated real-time payment solutions for our RezExpert (Software as a Service (SaaS) system..

Tokenization will be removed from all RezExpert  and ROS2006/ RezRobot clients in the coming months. If you are a current RezExpert Software as a Service (Hosted Solution) client you will need to select a payment gateway / processor that can integrate with your RezExpert software to will keep you “out-of-scope” for PADSS (Which is part of PCI).

Shift 4
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Nationwide Payment Solutions


Australia / New Zealand Solution

For our Australian / New Zealand clients Direct Payment Solutions (DPS).

Payment Express

We have partnered with 4 major Credit card processing technology companies that connect to 90% of North American Gateways and processors. These new partnerships have enabled us to integrate real-time credit card processing through our latest system (RezExpert – Software as a Service).

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