DigitalRez Update

Many of our user base experienced a good summer season with many recording gains over last year.

We continued to enhance the RezExpert system with requested features from you, our clients. Only one update was implemented in the month of August due to the busy summer period. Now that the busy season has passed, more updates will be forthcoming.

The most recent updates include:

Color Coded Grid Based on Payment Status of the Reservation
Many clients have asked for the grid colors to be linked to the payment status of the reservation (fully paid, partially paid or no payment taken). This is now adjustable by preference as other clients wanted it to stay as it is now.

Alternative Name on the Reservation Grid
Some clients requested the ability to show another name on the reservation grid different to the main occupant. This has been added in the latest update.

Batch Printing
Many clients requested the ability to batch print reports especially on those busy check-in days. This has been implemented with the latest update of RezExpert.

Many more small adjustments have been made to the system to help speed up some of the more time consuming tasks. We will continue to improve RezExpert in the coming months.

Kevin Hall | Managing Director | DigitalRez Group of Companies |

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