push(finger8Brad)-02DigitalRez has introduced a new powerful way of marketing into the RezExpert family. This new marketing platform allows you to reach all of your audience at any time regardless of whether they are using a PC, Mac or most of the major mobile phone devices.

With the astronomical growth in mobile device use to access the internet and do commerce a new standard in marketing has evolved which the largest companies in the world are now utilizing. This new technology allows you to send marketing messages to almost every device, including PC’s and Mac computers whether they are on your website or not.

These messages can be sent effortlessly from ONE interface to all applicable devices.

This is the ultimate form of marketing because it is permission based so there is no threat of spam complaints. If you start to spam your audience with irrelevant notifications, they will simply unsubscribe from your notifications at the push of a button, businesses must use it wisely.

Push notifications are not new in the mobile space but you could only send them if you could persuade your audience to download and install an, often expensive, app that you had produced. This new technology allows you to reach Mac, PC and Android device users with one line of code on a website, no app to download. This is a huge marketing leap forward.

IOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod) still need an app to send the push notifications. However we have this covered. We will create a branded app for any business that wants to reach these devices also at a fraction of the usual cost to get this developed. Simply call 1 800 811 5988 for more details.

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