March 2016 Update

The first quarter of 2016 has been a very busy time for DigitalRez with the continued enhancements and new modules to RezExpert. Below is one of the new features and modules we have added to the system.59


As mentioned in many of our Newsletters over the last six months we have been looking at ways to help you, our clients, market your resorts and raise revenue through increased occupancy. Today we are proud to announce not one but three major initiatives in this regard.

ReviewsFive Star Reviews and Social Media Management.

For some time we have realized the importance of managing what people are saying about you online but it can be very time consuming as we all know. Not only that but when you have good reviews we needed a way to market them efficiently. We also needed a way to sensitize and train our employees on the importance of Reputation Management and Marketing because it all starts with the service clients receive. We then needed a system that would manage this all on auto pilot where we could log in and manage the bad reviews and market the good reviews.


We finally found a system that does all of the above. We have been using it to great effect. We have engaged our user base more than ever and reaped the reward of four and five star reviews. These reviews are automatically streamed to our websites at and

All of the DigitalRez employees have taken the reputation training built into the system and we monitor our reputation across many of the major social and directory websites through an intuitive, easy to use online interface. We liked it so much that we negotiated special rates for our user-base working closely with Chedall does not usually cater for the travel industry but mainly small Main Street businesses. DigitalRez are experts in the travel space so it is a good fit. We even agreed that if any of our clients sign up for the monthly service we would help them through setup and training on the system because we use it every day.



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