We are excited to announced the latest update for ROS2006 and RVTripsetter Front desk.

In this latest release, the RVTripsetter branding has been removed. The agreement to brand our reservation software has finished. RVTripsetter front desk and ROS2006 front desk systems are the same except for logo and splash screen differences. This new update removes the RVTripsetter branding and also has some very important enhancements and bug fixes.


New in Build 208

  • ROS2006 Update Build 208 is being made available to you so that you can take advantage of the following:
  • RezRobot Type Availability issues have been resolved so that you can move a RezRobot made reservation anywhere, to any Type as many times and it will not result in incorrect availability being shown through your RezRobot.
  • Ability to set a different Default Rate Group for RezRobot made bookings than the Default Rate Group for ROS2006 made bookings. Here is a video on Setting up Web Rates for RezRobot:


  • We have added two new reports that allow you to export your client information to an Excel spreadsheet.
  • The Export to Excel reports are located in the Client Address Listing report category.
  • The reports are named as follows:
  • Client Address Listing Active For Period Export
  • Client Address Listing Active For Period Export w/ Unit
  • You must Preview these reports from ROS2006 and in the Preview screen select File and Export.
  • The exported file will be located in your ROS2006 install directory which generally should be as follows: C:\ROS2006 or C:\ROS2000
  • The export file names will be Address1ExportCust.xls or ClientExport.xls depending on which of the two you use.
  • The report Client Address Listing Active for Period Export w/ Unit better as it has a little bit more information and it is formatted better. If you use this specific report, after you have exported it you would find the export file in the following place: C:\ROS2006\ClientExport.xls

We have an addition to Advanced Security that allows you to prevent a security group/employees from changing items under the New Reservation Charges section of the Reservation Entry screen.
Removed the EasyPHP install.

Bug Fixes:

  • Cancellation policy bug.
  • Meter Billing bug (With reports only)
  • Credit Card Policy bug, you will now be prompted to delete credit cards at the start-up of ROS2006, if you have a deletion policy setup

Partner Services

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Tel – 1 800 811 5988
Australia / New zealand – +61 7 4925-4400

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