1)    Modified the Business Setup Area – The Business Info tab (previous tab name) has been split into 3 Tabs: Business, CC Processors and Online Settings


2)  Date Format – New date format preference can be found on the first tab, near the bottom.Date short date format can be customized on the console through Business Setup. Any area where it is displaying the date in the incorrect dd/mm/yyyy format instead of mm/dd/yyyy format after the preference has been changed, please inform technical support at goldkey@digitalrez.com


3)  Alert Colors – Unit grid now displays yellow in the unit column when a client is Checked-In and still occupying that unit.  This is the beginning of the alert functionality.  If after a refresh this is not removed, verify all clients have been checked out for that unit in the Arrivals/Departure panel.  The Red (default color) on the reservations show the reservations with outstanding deposits


4)  Client Search  –   The layout has changed and you have the ability to search by group confirmation # and also do a search for a specific invoice #.


5)  Utility-type invoices can now be displayed from the reservation and batch billing transactions for meter billing by clicking on its invoice number.

6)  The bug that allowed clients to book in the past online has been fixed

7)   Added new high-speed drives now available from Amazon Cloud to the RezExpert production environment – this should improve overall speed considerably.

8 )  Same Day Cancellation – If a client is checked in, that reservation may be cancelled once its the same day the client checked in.

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