Included in this update:

1. RSS Feed – “Real Simple Syndication” – Represents a simple news feed used to keep all RezExpert users up to date in improvements and new features in the system.

Watch for these headings on the news feed:

  • Update Alert: Notifying everyone when a new update is scheduled.
  • Update Bulletin: Released after a new update is completed
  • New Report Added: New reports in the system
  • New Training Video: New Training video added and where to find them
  • New Help File Added: New help document added and where to find them
  • Marketing Alert: New marketing opportunities and features in the system
  • New Feature Added: Bulletin describing a new or upcoming feature
  • Tech Tips: “How To” bulletins for special functions that already exist


Note: Help document to follow


1.   New JetPay “Jet Direct” interface – JetPay credit card processing clients can now have real-time credit card processing from their RezExpert interfaces. Contact Digital Rez for more info on this service.Jetpay

2.   New Comments link on the Sidebar details – You can now access the client comments quickly and easily from the reservation grid. Click on the reservation and a link is accessible form the reservation summary on the left of the grid.


3.   Online booking fees payable report – There is a new report that details the online booking fees.

4.   Client search speed improvements – we have enhanced the client search speeds in RezExpert.

5.   Speed enhancements on the Arrivals/Departures screen – We have enhanced the Arrival and Departures search speed.


Upcoming Features Next Week

1. Reservation Alerts – New – Deposit not paid and additional color cues for reservations on the grid.

2. Transfer to Accounts Receivable – Settlement of reservations to a client’s A/R Account

3. Attach Vehicle to the client history to facilitate entry.

4. US Date formats.

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