• Client Relationship Management (CRM) – Track all communication and interaction with each guest with our new Tasks and Notes module. Never rely on email to find guest communication history again. View video.


  • Review Management – Allow guests to rate staff service, amenities, accommodation or any area of your business easily from their mobile device. Track all scores and deal with any low ratings while the guest is still on the property before they leave and post any bad experience to TripAdvisor or other social media sites. View video.


  • Resource Management – Keep a history of all maintenance tasks to ensure all areas of your resort are kept to a high standard. Keep a history of all repairs and parts replaced for comparison and repair/replacement of high maintenance areas/equipment. View video. View booklet.


  • Reputation Management – Know what guests are saying about your resort on the most popular social media platforms. Interact and reply to positive and negative reviews as they happen before they get a chance to negatively impact on your reputation and revenue. View booklet.


  • Sell Items Online – From within the new resort specific App, sell online products and other services. View booklet. View video.


  • Website Creation – Build and maintain your resort website from within RezExpert. The new RezExpert web module allows you to build a state of the art regular and mobile optimized website with dozens of templates to choose from. You also get access to update the website at any time through an easy to use content management console 24/7.


  • Online Check-in/out – Allow guests to check-in online with this new RezExpert module. Early or late check-in/out can be accommodated as long as the guest has paid any deposits if applicable before check-in or has paid all charges on their account before checking out. View booklet.



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