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credit card

Please be aware that RezExpert, will be regularly scanned for people storing credit card numbers inside the comments area of reservations or anywhere else in the system. This is prohibited in your agreement with DigitalRez.

We provide connection to credit card processors that can be used to store and process credit cards safely and securely ( They cannot be stored anywhere within RezExpert as that will jeopardize our PCI compliance and that of hundreds of other businesses using the RezExpert system, which we obviously cannot allow. We have a zero tolerance for storing of credit cards in this way.

This is a serious violation of your current RezExpert SaaS contract with DigitalRez. Violations will result in a $250 fee for the removal of these card numbers and/or a 30 day notice that you will be removed from the system.

Please make sure that your staff are aware of the consequences if you are using RezExpert



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