RezExpert Resort of the Month is The Village on Blain



The Village on Blain website:

The Village on Blain, located in the heart of Blackwater Queensland, is this months RezExpert Resort of the Month. The Village on Blain is designed to provide the best accommodation facilities for mining camp staff and travellers.

The Village on Blain has a wide range of accommodation types, ranging from Studio Units to Premier Units with ensembles and their Kitchen Restaurant is a favorite with the mine workers.

The Village on Blain has been with DigitalRez using ROS2006 since 2005 and recently upgraded to RezExpert to take advantage of reduced IT server costs and easier Billing Policy.

With having many mining companies regularly booking out accommodation for their staff, The Village on Blain has taken advantage of key features like Accounts Billing processes and Occupancy Logs – knowing who’s staying and which rooms are vacant.

Custom Occupancy Log Reports, custom Alerts and quick Corporate Account transfers have made The Village on Blain’s daily tasks simpler and easier.


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