Resort of the Month – Cee and See Caravan Park

Cee and See Caravan Park is predominantly a permanent resident park, but also caters for short stay tourist bookings.  Situated in the Perth suburb of Rockingham, in Western Australia, Cee and See Caravan Park has an idyllic oceanfront location, and it is easy to see why their Chalets and camping sites are booked out during the peak tourist seasons, and also why the permanent residents enjoy living there.

Take in the views of the bay from the porch from our self contained chalet accommodation or bring your van or motor home and stay on one of our lovely sites, Cee and See Caravan Park offers spectacular views and location for their tourists and residents.

Cee and See Caravan Park is this month’s RezExpert Resort of the Month. Cee and See Caravan Park has been a valued client of DigitalRez since 2008, originally using ROS2006 and upgrading to RezExpert in 2015.
Upgrading to RezExpert has helped the managers to ‘unchain’ themselves from the office and allows them to easily maintain all of their day-to-day rental enquiries, even while away from the Park.

Taking advantage of the quick Rent processing and payment options, colour coding of Unit Types on the Availability Grid and quicker Utility Meter processing, Cee and See Caravan Park has customised their RezExpert booking system to suit their needs and business requirements.

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