Dynamic Reporting

RezExpert has a new, more robust approach to reporting. Instead of the traditional report section that generates generic reports. Many panels within RezExpert can be filtered, drill downs can be initiated and at any point data can be exported in csv or reports printed directly.

However because of this approach many users state they rarely need to print a report to pinpoint an issue. Instead they use the panels to isolate an issue, drill down to the offending issue go straight to the folio or account from the panel and make the adjustment immediately saving hours of time. We also have the traditional none dynamic report area dedicated to printable reports.

 Data Mining

Data mining plays a huge part of helping companies maximize revenue and pinpoint issues. Typically data mining systems cost tens of thousands of dollars and are only available to larger organizations. In order to make this available to all businesses on the system and not make it a drain on the production server, we have instantiated a duplicate server for data mining purposes only.

This server has data that is synchronized once per day with the production database and is not intended for real-time analytics for the current time, but for the more process heavy comparison analytics of historical data more than a day old, typically months and years into the past.

To make this module even more robust we have implemented a dynamic graphical interface for those that need a graphical representation of the data, suitable for meetings and printing off to use in reports. These graphs and charts are presented in a dash board that can be customized by managers and saved so they load each time a manager loads the interface.


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