RezExpert has a unique dynamic pricing module. Managers can define their resorts weekends, Fri – Mon, Sat – Sun, Fri – Sun and any combination in between. These defined weekends can also be changed for any date range making it very flexible. When these weekends are set, rates can be applied once which filters through the system for the associated time periods to apply the appropriate rates. Longer weekends can be defined for those special holiday times such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and 4th July.




The dynamic pricing module also caters for multiple rates within a given week based on resort preferences for daily, weekly, monthly and long term stays.

RezExpert also provides the traditional dynamic pricing based on occupancy and daily rates. Rates adjust automatically based on the occupancy level of the resort at the time of booking. The price adjustment thresholds can be set by operators in the rate plan manager area of the software.

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