This latest Digitalrez update has more exciting news and information.

This latest update ushers in RezExpert 9.0. All of our current RezExpert users get this latest update free of charge and hassle free. We have moved on from RezExpert 8.

The first thing you will notice are the new stylized chrome buttons at the top of the grid.

We have added a new menu button to enable quick links to anywhere in the program. This one new feature alone will increase productivity time while navigating RezExpert. We also added quick links at the top of every panel.

We not only improved the navigation of RezExpert but added more features and modules both paid and free. To get a full list of what RezExpert 9.0 has to offer visit the link below.

Welcome to the New Rezexpert 9.0
You have been upgraded as part of the regular updates we perform every 4-6 weeks.

The new navigation menu as previously mentioned, has been a big success. The old menu structure is still there for those that wish to use it. Over the next 3-5 months it will be phased out as we continue to move RezExpert 9 forward.

Other popular new features include new payment audit panel and new online booking interfaces.

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