As you may already know support for ROS2006 has ended on June 30th of 2014 . Also the tokenization process used for the online reservation system has been phased out – with the last few users moving off the system in the coming days.

What does this mean for you?

We have partnered with 4 major Credit card processing technology companies that connect to 90% of North American Gateways and processors. These new partnerships have enabled us to integrate real-time credit card processing through our latest system (RezExpert – Software as a Service).

Tokenization will be removed from all RezRobot clients by November 1st. If you are a current RezRobot user we urge you to move to our newest software (RezExpert) as soon as possible to maintain your RezRobot income.

All current ROS2006 users  will receive a members only discount for the RezExpert software – Up to a maximum of 20% based on unit volume (number of site, room slips etc). Hurry as this discount expires soon.


We look forward to hearing from you soon. For more information please give us a call.

Tel: 1-800-811-5988

Someone on our dedicated sales team would be happy to get the ball rolling.Remember support for the old ROS system ends in June 2014.

If you already had your Free Demo then, Congratulations! Please call us about getting you onto your live environment.

If not, Then Call us Now on 1-800-811-5988 and book your appointment.Did you have your FREE Demo of our NEW Cloud-Based Software as yet?

What is RezExpert?

RezExpert is a fully hosted front desk reservation and property management solution maintained in the Amazon cloud with many cost and operational benefits:

  • Low monthly fee (support included)
  • No Long term contracts (rolling 30 day contract)
  • No server needed at your location
  • No complex networking needed
  • No large initial outlay
  • Integrated training videos
  • Mobile and tablet ready
  • Online bookable Maps
  • Front Desk bookable maps
  • Membership features
  • Robust periodic billing module

RezExpert Added Benefits

Free software demos are available with a fully functional test environment setup for your convenience and ongoing use.

A comprehensive Training Academy is being finalized and made available to you at no cost. Enroll your employees free of charge into our one-of-a-kind RezExpert Training Academy. It is lesson based, followed by a simple test and rewards. The training is focused on reservation and property management using the RezExpert system with standard operating procedures for a variety of Tourism related verticals.

* We have many hundreds of clients to move over so please contact us early so that you are ready well before next season. Do not leave this very important move until the last minute. *

For more information please call.

1 800 811 5988

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