Tech SupportSetting up rates in the Windows based ROS2006 software is easy. The system can accommodate complex rate structures and rates can be set for years into the future.

Our new RezExpert Software as a Service (SaaS) hosted solution has an even more robust rate calculation matrix and is very easy to configure. Take a look at the in-depth help and videos and more information about both systems.





RezExpert Software as a Service (SaaS) Hosted Solution – rates setup
The SaaS product can handle even more complicated rates than the windows based ROS2006. With our new weekday / weekend feature you can assign variable length weekends ie Saturday – Monday. Friday to Sunday etc and then assign a rate to those  so the system automatically calculates rates correctly across weekend and weekday stays.
The new rates setup page has multiple calendar selector tools, easy navigation panel and multi-fill rate feature speeding up the time it takes to set rates up.
Click here to view the full PDF regarding the help_panel_setup_rates

Setting up rates for ROS2006

The Rates form will appear. The Base Rates view will be the default view: 

rates matrix

As you can see, each unit Type and each rate group can have their unique rates entered, until the rate changes on  a specific date.

Refer to the following table for a description of Rates Setup form fields:

Field Description
Business : If you are managing more than one business with ROS2006™, click the button in the Business: field to select the business from the list that you are configuring rates for.
Location : Set up rates for each location, whether different or not, by clicking the button in the Location: field and selecting the relevant location from this drop-down list.
Click this button to open a calendar to enter a new rate starting on this date.
Rate Entry grid: The spreadsheet displayed on the rate setup interface is much like the reservation grid . Match up the dates across the top with the corresponding rate groups and time periods down the left hand side. The rate grid, however, does not display all dates. You must add relevant dates to the grid, usually season start dates when rates change.See Rate Groups Setup.See Time Periods Setup

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