Taxes are one of the most important things to configure in the system. Every business needs to have accurate tax setup for obvious accounting reasons.

The ROS2006 Windows product and our new Software as a Service (SaaS) system, both allow for complex advanced tax setups which cater for a multitude of tax situations. Our tax algorithms have been tried and tested across north America, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.


A brief overview of tax setup in ROS2006

Advanced Tax Structure

To use this part of the Tax Setup form, enable the Use Advanced Taxes preference on the Taxes / Payments / Till Tape tab of Preference Setup. This feature is designed for tax rates applied in particular circumstances, such as a time period , e.g. an accommodation tax that is reduced after a stay of some defined length of time. See the Advanced Tax Structure field below:


Refer to the following table for an explanation of the fields in the Advanced Tax Structure section:

Applies between x and Days: Enter the number of days between which the tax applies. (Create another tax for reservations of a length to which another rate applies).
Regular Tax: This is the default, automatically selected.
These Days Only: Select this option to apply the tax only to reservations of the specified length.

Watch a video here 

A Brief overview of tax setup in RezExpert (SaaS)

See the Pdf help document here


Watch the video here


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