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Vehicle Detail Handling –  The process of saving vehicle information has now been adjusted.  When making a reservation, when vehicle information is applied to the Rez Vehicle Information directly, this saves the vehicle information to the reservation only.  To save this vehicle information to the client, click the 3 dot button and click Add.   Once the desired Vehicle information is selected, then click Assign to Rez to apply to reservation.

When only one unit is available on a client, the vehicle information will still automatically populate on the reservation.





Email Confirmation Breakout – The email template for online and console reservations are now being broken out. Users can now individually configure what details the customer would see when they complete a reservation online or when an email is sent through the console. Original content from reservation confirmation has been duplicated in both, thus customers would not see any differences unless this template is edited.




Arrival Time update – When you check in a reservation the Arrival Time in the Guest Folio is updated to the exact time that the client is checked-in. This allows security gates cards to have the correct time to be valid and will also keep a visual record of the exact time any client was checked in.



Revenue & Occupancy panel- The date range restriction for the Unit Type Revenue & Occupancy and Unit Revenue and Occupancy panel has been changed from 93 days to 366 days.




Security Gates – Add Pin/Card Dialog – When loading this dialog from the System Card perspective there is now a date range/time that can be set to show when the card is valid between.




Security Gates – Add Pin/Card Dialog – Added the “Assigned To” column to the table that shows the lists of cards for a reservation and/or system.  Security Gates Maintenance Panel – Sorting has been added to all of the columns




New Report-  Departure Report With Bonds – By Client Name has been created. List of security deposit products is used to build report columns dynamically.  It currently handles up to four(4) security deposit products.





New Export Column –  The made date column has been added to the export from the Arrivals/Departures.  With the create_time of reservation without hours minutes seconds.


Quote / Waiting List Search Dialog – Added 2 additional date filters – Any Part Of Rez Within & Entire Rez Within. Any Part of Rez Within filters for any reservation crosses or within the dates selected  and Entire Rez Within filters for only reservations falling withing the date range.




Separate Auto Charge Invoices (cash businesses only) – When an auto product is applied to a reservation, the charge is now placed on a separate invoice.  This will make it easier when a user needs to reverse that specific charge  for Cashed based businesses are now put within their own invoice.





Separate Rez Fee Invoice – Users now have a preference called “Separate Onto Own Invoice”. This flag specifies whether or not cash based businesses will assign the fee on the reservation main invoice or it’s own invoice. This will make it easier to handle the reversal of the Rez Fee easily.

Navigation Menu – It is now caching itself so when you load it up over and over again it will stay on the same tab and not rebuild itself. The only time it should rebuild itself is if you navigate to a different business.


Enhancements – Speed enhancements have been applied to the Account Review/Aging AR/Rez tab query that pulls the information there to speed it up. I also pushed this query to production.


Global HTML Report Change: Reports are now loading into Letter Paper Size




Security Gates – Add Pin/Card Dialog – Changed wording from “Cancel” to “Close” on the button.


Type Revenue & Occupancy – When selecting a date range larger than a year there was a spelling mistake in the warning dialog. It has been changed from “Pleae” to “Please”.


Channels – When turning on the TXA channel the SiteMinder products are no longer available.


Security Gates – Add Pin/Card Dialog – Changed wording from “Label” to “Assigned To” as that is the wording used in the Security Gates Maintenance Panel where that label is displayed.


Bug Fix: Online pages – Display confirmation report with or without unit number is now based on Reservation Services Page – Display Unit Number preference.


Bug Fix: Guest_Email system label wildcard is now populated


Bug Fix: Correction built into area where print selector is determining whether or not to skip loading the dialog and go straight to loading a single report in the meter reading area.


Bug Fix: additional validation on emails being entered


Bug Fix: Arrivals/Departures – Product Security Deposits not being included in the Bulk Check Out.
Waiting List – After completing the process to add someone to the Waiting List it was requested that the “Print” option be hidden because there are no reports to handle this. The “Print” button is now hidden in that scenario.
Inventory Change Emails – This has been made a system preference and is currently turned off in profile now. It can be turned on/off based on the database.


Bug Fix: Batch print reports issues have been rectified


Bug Fix: Ability to email custom system label reports has been added. Testing of content from system label manager has been adjusted to load the content like a regular report. Loading from the print selector just like a regular report.


Bug Fix: Guest List Rez Charges Only Arr/Dep General Tab is returning charge amounts again


Bug Fix: Storing all unit type policy descriptions including all html formatting applied in ckeditor


Bug Fix: Events with Occur Type set to every year are now loading as required in future and past years.


Bug Fix: Accrual businesses unable to send email cancellation comments from print selector..this has been fixed.


Report Fix: Statement balance forward – Check to see of rez check in date is newer than balance forward date..if so, no balance forward required, set date to check in of reservation so that all charges appear in statement


Bug Fix: Quotes did not load properly when shopping cart was enabled


Bug Fix: Guest Folio – Change Charges – When modifying a charge’s discount from a discount to no discount it is not calculating taxes properly on the change charge dialog.


Report Fix: Group/Corp Invoice loading from link in guest folio charges/payment section for AR transfers only returning the one record now. Transaction display issue resolved is viewable in jing


Report Bug: Discount types by check in date is now looking at transactions on reservations that checkin within date range passed into report


Bug Fix: Batch Printing for the duplicate check in form for Firefox users.


Reservation Manager – The Comments column will now highlight if comments exist.


Online Booking Pages –  2 Month Availability Instructions have been modified


Guest Folio – Credit Card on Record check – Changed to a new search mode so it only returns the last card instead of all cards a client may have. This was put in place to speed up client’s who have a significant number of tokens saved under them causing the Guest Folio to load slowly.

Bug Fix: Cancelled Vehicle Types will no longer appear in client vehicle list


Bug Fix: Vehicle Details, Rez Status Button disabled on checked out reservations


Bug Fix: Client vehicles no longer being assigned to business clients


Bug Fix: when a client is edited from the guest folio and goes to the client editor panel and then go back to make a rez, it is not showing that client being selected but is assigning them to the rez






Upcoming Features

(1) Training Academy – A training academy for the RezExpert software will be coming soon.  Users will be able to take courses in regards to the use of the software and its capabilities.  It will provide a multitude of training materials (videos and help help documents) to assist with the training process.  Completion certificates can be achieved and tracking of progress and achievements.

(2) Group Pencil In – There will be a new Pencil In type (e.g Maintenance, Regular) which will distinguish for a Group Pencil In

(3) Home Page Additions –  The Home page will provide quick links to the Training Video archive, Documentation Archive, Gazette and any Featured News

(4)  Warning List on comments-  This will allows users to determine on a reservation if there is a warning list comment associated with the client

(5) Contact for an Account Receivable – Users will be able to enter the contact person for any AR account created.

(6)  AR revenue in the Revenue Statistic panel – The revenue from Reservation Product sales done in the AR of a client will be added to the calculations in the Revenue Statistics panel

(7) Waiting List – Keep an account of customers who wanted to make a reservation but there was no availability at that instance.   This will allow users to contact the customers if inventory becomes available

(8)  Save Quotes – Users will be able save quotations for packages which will be a combination of reservations and products, thus speeding up the process of applying packages to customers.

(9) Google Maps –  The capability of using the Google map engine to check availability and make reservations based on the geographical location on the map.

(10) Recur Pay additions –  This will allow users to create reoccurring payment policies to charge a customer’s stored tokenized credit card



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