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(1)  High I/O Drives and New Report Server – A faster report server and high speed drives have been implemented into production.  This drives will also increase the speed of the update processes.  There should be noticeable speed improvement in the overall system.


(2)  Point of Sale Activity – The search capability for a specific client or invoice within the Point of Sale Activity panel has been implemented.  You can do a quick search for an invoice or filter the search data by client name.  This panel is located in the End of Day section under the Perform Cut-off Panel.


(3)  Vehicle History – Attach vehicle information to a client profile.  The user can now view all the vehicle information for a client.  The user can remove previous vehicle profiles and select the appropriate vehicle associated with the client for the reservation




  • 1 – Click the 3 dot () button to pull up all vehicle profiles associated with the primary client
  • 2 – Click the light button to select which vehicle will be associated with the reservation and click Select
  • 3 – Click the Del button to remove the desired vehicle profile from the client


(5)  Online Rate Group – The ability to set which rate group will apply to online reservations.  This is located in the Business Setup panel.




(4)  New Grid Color Legend – A new grid color legend has been implemented which will provide a more improved breakdown of the colors and also any custom alerts added.


(5)  Unit Length  – Assign a Unit length to a specific unit as compared to only being assigned at the Unit Type level.   The Unit length on the specific unit will take priority over the Unit type.  This would be configured in the Unit Type Setup panel. The Unit Length will show on the Unit Grid ONLY, while the Unit Type length will still be used for qualifying vehicles for Online-Type based bookings.




Upcoming Features

(1)   Account Receivable  – The ability to add a Corporate Accounts Receivable

(2)  Map Online Booking Interface for Customers – Clients will be able to select which unit they would like to reserve using a map interface which can be setup from your console.

(3)  Check In Alerts- There will be a prompt to check out the reservation in that room before the system will allow a check-in to be done  if there is still someone checked into that room or in the case of the room has the alert on for it to be cleaned.


(4)  Add a business profile –  The ability to add a business profile and associate clients with that business

Inventory Manager – Allocate inventory to channels and online booking interface


(5)  Edit Custom Alert  – The ability to change the type of alert from the till tape when a reservation is selected from the grid (or any other point it is display).



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