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(1) Unit Type Delete bug – The bug whereby unit types were unable to be deleted even without a reservation has now been fixed.


2) Payment Reference Number – Deposit/Payment invoices will display the invoice label as well as the charge label which contains the payment type information.



The Reference number is also displayed on the drop down slider and the invoice can be printed from this section.



(3) Esc key – Escape key will no longer close the Pre-Conditions pop up on RezRobot




(4) Grid View Setup – The ability to configure how the Units/Unit Types will be displayed on the grid.



1)  Grid View Tabs – These tabs are displayed on the Availability Grid.  The user will be able to change the status of each View and configure the order in which these tabs appear on the grid based on the integer value entered in this field of the different tabs.  The initial Grid view tab can also be set.


Grid Type:-

  • Unit  –  This is a Unit based view allowing the user to select which units are to be displayed in the tab
  • Type – This is Unit Type based view allowing the user to select which Unit Types are to be displayed in the tab
  • Map – This feature has not been implemented as yet



  • Show – This Grid Tab will be displayed on the Availability Grid
  • Hide   – This tab will be hidden
  • Read Only – This feature has not been implemented as yet
  • The order appearance of any additional tabs cannot be “1” or “2”
  • Only the Status and and the Initial Grid View can be configured on the default Views


2)     Units/Units – Select which Units/Unit Types will be displayed in the tab



Based on the Intial Grid View Tab that is selected in the View Setup, this will be the tab which is loaded when the Availability Grid is loaded



(5) Billing Policies –  The ability to review billing policies in Billing policies are available.  The user can view Active, Pending, cancelled, suspended policies and their amount




(6) Meter Billing  –  The ability to post a meter reading to a suspended tenant is now available






Upcoming Features

(1) Account Receivable – The ability to add a Corporate Accounts Receivable


(2) Map Online Booking Interface for Customers – Clients will be able to select which unit they would like to reserve using a map interface which can be setup from your console.


(3) Add a business profile – The ability to add a business profile and associate clients with that business


(4) Inventory Manager – Allocate inventory to channels and online booking interface


(5) Search by Secondary client – The ability to search for a reservation by any secondary client


(6) Change Reservation Dates – The ability to change the Check-in and Check-out dates prior to the system checking the availability


(7) Reciprocal Business Setup – This will allow the user to access another business with priviledged functionality. Administration for each business must enable this feature by either turning on/off the Reciprocal functionality.  The user will be able to move between each business using the Related Business Seach Panel. Administration will be able to assign which employee(s) will be provided with such functionality.






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