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(1) Selected Client/Business – The selected Client drop down is now displayed in the right hand side of the grid as previously being on the left





(2) Create a Business – The user has the ability to create a business.   This is done in the Client Editor panel.   The user can also create an Accounts Receivable for this business from within its profile by turning on the appropriate flag.

N.B The add guest feature is in development




(3) Policy/Member Information –  The Policy/Member Info  tab within the Client Editor allows the user to view the Account Receivable, Membership status and billing policy information.

N.B Deposit accounts only show if they have a balance other than $0.


(4) Create A Business Reservation –  A reservation can now be created with a business being the wagon master.   The user must search for the business prior to making the reservation


 Once the business has be found and displayed under the Selected Client dropdown panel, the normal process of making a reservation is done where the user can highlight on the grid and click the RezQuote button which will display the till tape and select New Booking to go to the Guest Folio.



The user may use the other process of creating the reservation.  Once the business is selected, use the calendar to select the arrival date, enter the number of nights and click the Submit button



The reservation type would be based on the type of business created.   A group booking can still be created.


(1)  The name of the business is displayed in the header

(2)  Please contact DigitalRez in regards to Membership capability or creating multiple business types





(5)  Transfer Invoice –  The user has the ability to transfer invoices to the business client and visa versa.  This allows the invoice(s) to be handled on the business level.

e.g if the business is handling the reservations charges and not the amenity charges, the user can transfer the reservation charges to the business level and then have it settled.


1.  This only apply to business reservations.

2. If the AR was setup for the business, the invoices transferred can be settled via that method



(6)  Booking Access Restrictions Panel –  This panel will provide users with the capability to configure the times and dates between which a client can make a reservation.     The user will set the booking dates for which date and time restrictions are to apply.

e.g 1:  Between 15th Apr and 30th April,   The client must make a reservation for those dates between 2nd Jan at 9AM and 1st Apr 11:59PM.

N.B  The year is not necessary in this area as this applies to the dates on a yearly basis.


 Click Here for more Information



(7) Marketing Setup –  The user can now setup their marketing types to be tracked.   The Show Marketing Type flag must be turned on first in the Business Setup for it to be displayed within the guest folio.

N.B  This is only the preliminary stages of the Marketing Module.






(8)  Revenue Statistics –  A new page has been created for Revenue Statistics.  This can be found by going to Admin, opening the side menu list for Administrative and select Revenue Statistics.  This will page provides Revenue statistics in regards to the Unit Types and can then be further broken down to per Unit.   The user will be able to have statistics from this panel.   The information can be exported or printed if necessary.   The data provided will be based on the date filter.   By clicking on the desired Unit Type, it will open the Unit Revenue & Occupancy panel which provides a breakdown of revenue statistics per site for that Unit Type.  Other Unit Types can be selected from the drop down box within the Unit Revenue & Occupancy panel


N.B This page is still in development.  Please update your tech with any comments.




(9) Specific Booking From Group –  When a specific reservation of a group is selected and we go to its Guest Folio, it will go straight to that specific reservation as compared to going to the group level reservation




(10)   Label Change –  The label has been been changed from Business Setup to Business Info.   This better explains the process associated with this setup option.







Upcoming Features

(1) Add a business profile – The ability to add a business profile and associate clients with that business

(2) Inventory Manager – Allocate inventory to channels and online booking interface

(3) Search by Secondary client – The ability to search for a reservation by any secondary client

(4) Change Reservation Dates – The ability to change the Check-in and Check-out dates prior to the system checking the availability

(5) Training Academy – A training academy for the RezExpert software will be coming soon.  Users will be able to take courses in regards to the use of the software and its capabilities.  It will provide a multitude of training materials (videos and help help documents) to assist with the training process.  Completion certificates can be achieved and tracking of progress and achievements.

(6) Batch Printing – This will allow users to print multiple reports across multiple reservations

(7) Group Pencil In – There will be a new Pencil In type (e.g Maintenance, Regular) which will distinguish for a Group Pencil In

(8) Membership Capability – The ability to organize and create multiple membership types for a business and can allocate specific criteria to each type.  The user will be able to set which rate group and discount will be applied to each membership type. User will also be able to import the list of members associated with each membership type.

(9) Marketing Types – Be able display for the RezRobot and being able to be forced fields if desired.


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