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(1)   Name Changes –

  • Guest Folio tab within the Guest Folio panel has been renamed as Charges/Payments.




  • In the Till Tape section, the “Security Deposit Balance” has been renamed to “Security Deposit Paid“.



(2)  Name Header –  When the user creates a clicks on Submit after searching for a client from the Availability Grid, the name of that client will be displayed in the header of the Booking Quote.




3)   Layout Change  –  In the Booking Quote  dialog the top right table that used to specify Type, Unit, Check In, Check Out and client name details has been removed.












(5)  Default Occupant Charge – This allows any number of occupants to comprise of the base rate, regardless of whether the combination of occupants are adults or children. Therefore, a number of people to be included in the base rate, rather than specified as adults or children.  The default occupant would always be used first to determine if the base rate has been met, and additional occupants charged at their nominal rate.

Example: for campsite unit types, the first two adults are included in the base rate. If there are less than two adults, then the system will automatically include the other occupant type (child) in the base rate.






(6)   Meter Report – The report has been fixed for the opening and closing readings to show


(7)  Production Transfer – The ability to transfer configurations from the live environment back to the test environment has been implemented.  This will allow for any new settings, products, rates, etc. to be transferred to the test environment.   Please contact DigitalRez in regards to this process.



(8)  Unit Length  –

  • The Available Unit’s length is now displayed once a Unit length has been assigned to the Unit Type or Unit.   Note: Unit Type lengths are assigned to be used as a general reference for online bookings.  Managers can override the Type Length by assigning different lengths to Units of that type.  Unit lengths display and hold precedence on the Unit Grid.  This will assist users at the front desk in determining whether a vehicle will fit that exact unit.


  • If a reservation is made where the vehicle length is too long for that Unit, a dialog will be displayed allowing the user the option of proceeding with the reservation or not.



(9)  Discount Time Periods –   If Flag is:

  • On – Discounts will be applied to the time period charge (day(s) for example).
  • Off – (the price for a week is already discounted), then discounts could only apply to extra days.


(10)  Select Payment Type when Reversing a converted Booking Deposit – The conversion could include multiple deposits made over time, the system prides a Payment Type Selector for the user to chose which payment type to credit the refund.

Note:  This is only applicable for the deposits which have been converted



(11)  Check In Alerts- There will be a prompt to check out the reservation in that room before the system will allow a check-in to be done  if there is still someone checked into that room OR in the case of the room has the alert on for it to be cleaned.




Upcoming Features

(1)   Account Receivable  – The ability to add a Corporate Accounts Receivable


(2)  Map Online Booking Interface for Customers – Clients will be able to select which unit they would like to reserve using a map interface which can be setup from your console.


(3)  Add a business profile –  The ability to add a business profile and associate clients with that business


(4)  Edit Custom Alert  – The ability to change the type of alert from the till tape when a reservation is selected from the grid (or any other point it is display).


(5)  Inventory Manager – Allocate inventory to channels and online booking interface


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