(1)  Menu Bar –  The menu bar will now be available on each page.  This provides easy maneuverability between the different screens.




(2)   Unit Type Change – The ability to change a Unit Type after check-in is now permitted.   This may only be done on the same day of the check-in date.

Note:   1)  The charges do not get recalculated 

             2)  The unit must be selected once the Unit Type has been changed before you will be able to submit your changes.

             3)  The revenue will be associated with the previous Unit Type, thus manual adjustment must be done if necessary





(4)   Room Clean Alert –

  • Manual Room Clean Alert – The ability to state if the Unit needs cleaning is now available.  By clicking on the unit number of the desired unit, there will be the option to select the clean status of that unit.



  • Automatic Room Clean Alert – A preference to set units to indicate that cleaning is required after checkout automatically is available.  This would be done on a Unit Type level in the Unit Type Setup.



(5)   Grid Legend – You are able to pull up the grid legend for quick reference to your grid colors.


1)  Click on Utilities from the Availability Grid

2)  Click Go for Grid Color Legend






(6)  Account Receivable Settlement –  The ability to add an AR account for a person is now available.




7)   Client Search –  The client search sort order has been corrected  (special thanks to Elizabeth from Country Maples)



(8)   Active Billing Policies –  The sort order has been changed to client label.



(9)   Export to QuickBooks –  This feature is available for resorts interested in implementing, turning their daily Trial Balance report into an importable file



(10) Payment Express – Improvements have been implemented in relation to connection failure and transaction logging.



(11) JetDirect – Logic has been added to “refresh” the temporary reservation when the payment type is selected on the online booking interface.  This will reset the amount of time left on the temporary reservation, thus giving the customer any needed time to complete their reservation.



(12) Hi-speed Drives – These are now being used in the RezExpert Server Cloud.


(13) New Credit Card Processor –  Merchant Partners has been added.   This will support:

  • Vital
  • FDC-Nashville
  • Digital Courier
  • FDR-7
  • Mapp (GlobalPayments Central)
  • Paymentech- Tampa
  • Echo
  • Nova
  • Network1





Upcoming Features


(1)   Manual Alerts –  Stage 3 of the alerts being implemented

(2)   Account Receivable  – The ability to add a Corporate Accounts Receivable

(3)    Bulk Checkout –   The ability to checkout multiple reservations at once






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