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1)  Dynamic Pricing – The ability to have your rates adjusted based on occupancy is now available.   Users will be able to set multiple configurations for their rate adjustments based on the percentage occupancy on each given day.  Once this is enabled, only daily rates will be applicable.   Users can highlight the date range where the adjustments are applicable.


Note:  This is an additional module.  Please contact DigitalRez for pricing





2)  Shift 4 Version2 Changes –  Users are now able to set the accepted payment types for the their processor and also enter the cardholder’s name on the credit card form.     The payment types are entered by the codes that represent the payment type.  These would be entered with a comma to separate the accepted payment types.


Payment Type Codes: 

DC – Diner’s Club

NS – Discover Card

VS – Visa

AX – American Express

GC – Gift Card

MC – Mastercard








3)  Pay DigitalRez (Stage 1)- Users will soon be able to make payments directly through the reservation system regarding their SaaS bill and/or for the Online Reservation Commission.   This will be available from within the Account page.   Users will be able to view their statement and make the payment towards the account(s).    Their SaaS bill and/or the Online Reservation commissions.


Currently users can only view the charges on the account but in Stage 2, the ability to pay directly to the account will be available












4)  Group Level Assignment – Users are now able to update the Alert and Marketing type on the group level.  Once its applied on the group level, the selection will be applied to all reservations within the group that confirmed/checked-in status.


Note: Cancelled or Checked-out reservations will NOT be updated







5)  Set default client Image – If a client has multiple images assigned to them, the default image can now be set.   The default image is applied to the wild card used in the emails





6)   Wholesaler Reservations changes – Multiple changes are now available for wholesaler reservations.  These include:

a) Users are now able to add/remove reservations from a wholesaler reservation.


b) A client is not required on the reservation level in order to create the wholesaler reservation.


c) Wholesaler reservations can be cancelled once a payment is not on the reservation or the deposit was reversed.





7)  Accounts Receivable  invoices –  Invoices from within the Account manager will no longer display that the amount was settled to AR thus giving a zero balance on the invoice.






8)  Custom Fields Wildcards – Once a custom field has been created, a wild card will become available to be added to an email or custom reservation report.







9)  15 minute Online Grace Period –  The fifteen(15) minute grace period to edit an online reservation on the grid will no longer be applicable for businesses that have no credit card processor assigned.   Thus the online reservations can be edited immediately without having to wait fifteen (15) minutes.





10) Segment Drop Down – The Unit Type grid now provides the user the capability to display the available inventory for each created segment.







11)  Card holder name on 3.5inch receipt – Once a card holder name is available on from the processor, the card holder’s name will be displayed on the 3″ Recept.








12)  Duplicate Unit Labels – Unit Types can no longer have multiple units with the same name (Label).   This is to eliminate any issues associated with assignment of units for multiple purposes










Upcoming Features

(1) Training Academy – A training academy for the RezExpert software will be coming soon.  Users will be able to take courses in regards to the use of the software and its capabilities.  It will provide a multitude of training materials (videos and help help documents) to assist with the training process.  Completion certificates can be achieved and tracking of progress and achievements.


(2) Group Pencil In – There will be a new Pencil In type (e.g Maintenance, Regular) which will distinguish for a Group Pencil In

(3) Property and Revenue Sharing –  The ability to track revenue, property documents and policies for Units and businesses within the system

(4) Home Page –  The user will be provided with page for quick reference in regards to Business status statistics, Training Video archive, Documentation Archive, Gazette and any Featured News

(5)  Warning List on comments-  This will allows users to determine on a reservation if there is a warning list comment associated with the client

(6)  Security Gates– The ability to manage security gates within the system where the system can generate and mange

(7) Occupancy Log – Users will be able to track the occupancy log on all reservations. i.e if there are vacant time slots when the reservation will not be occupied and when the primary occupant changes on the reservation.  Users will also be able to place comments on the occupants of the reservation

(8) Contact for an Account Receivable – Users will be able to enter the contact person for any AR account created.

(9)  AR revenue in the Revenue Statistic panel – The revenue from Reservation Product sales done in the AR of a client will be added to the calculations in the Revenue Statistics panel

(10) Recur Pay –  This will allows user to create an reoccurring payment policy to charge a customers credit card

(11) Waiting List – Keep an account of customers who wanted to make a reservation but there was no availability at that instance.   This will allow users to contact the customers if inventory becomes available

(12)  Save Quotes – Users will be able save quotations for packages which will be a combination of reservations and products, thus speeding up the process of applying packages to customers.

(13) Google Maps –  The capability of using the Google map engine to check availability and make reservations based on the geographical location on the map.

(14) Marketing Module –  Users will be able to create tasks and notes for employees and also to schedule different types of emails based on the status of reservations.

(15) Down To The Minute Reservations – Users will be able to make reservations down to the hour/minute

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