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1) Client Search – New additions have been added to the Client Search box.


–  Warning List Filter – The Warning List drop down will allow users to filter clients in the search based on if they are in the warning list or not.  By selecting “Yes” and clicking search without any additional criteria, the system will provide all clients that are on the Warning List.

NOTE: You cannot search with the warning list set to “No” without an additional set of criteria.





Membership Status Filter – For Businesses that have memberships enabled, the member status search option has been added to the Client Search to filter clients based on membership status.

Note: Additional criteria must be entered when using the filter.




2) POS Export Button – A new Add Export button has been added to the Point of Sale Activity panel.





3)  New Wildcards available– A Guest Mobile Phone, Promo Code, Company Name, and Rate Group Wildcards have been added for emails and custom reports.



4)  Type Revenue & Occupancy Panel – The export has been updated and will now contain the Occupancy percentage, ADR and Rev PAR values




5)  Guest Folio Warning-  If the business level preference called “Display Warning When Edit Clicked In Guest Folio” is turned on, a warning will display to verify if the user wishes to proceed. This was implemented to limit operators from changing client’s details through this method without realizing it is changing the client on all reservations for that client.








6)  Online Comments Preference – Users can now set the preference for where the notification of the token and credit card being stored will be applied to, whether in the comments of the reservation or in the History Tab in the Guest Folio. This preference is found within the Online Settings tab called “Online Payment Comments Entered Into Rez Changes Instead Of Rez Comments”.






7)  Non Cutoff Payments – The ability to filter payments which have not been cut off is now avaialable.  This will make it easy for users to quickly audit which payments are still due to be dealt with through the cutoff process. This is available within the payment Audit panel.

Note:  The Date range does not apply to this preference when activated.




8)  Group Statement Balance Forward – The group statement report will now be based on the balance forward preference in the business setup.






9)  Discountable Auto Products – Once the discount flag is enabled for these products from within the product setup and a discount is applied to the reservation, these products will also be discounted.



10) Tax Number on Reports – The tax number is now being added to the HTML confirmation reports once a tax number has been assigned.



11) Member Notification –   For Businesses that have memberships enabled, when attempting to create a booking for a client/member with a membership set as inactive/suspended, a rule failure will be returned to the interface.



Report Fix: Group Package Summary security deposit fix

Report Fix: Html Departure report close date fix

Report Fix: Removed extra page border on check in detail report

Report Fix: Payment detail (report) button Rollup Payment

Report Fix: Statement balance forward fix

Report Fix: Marketing TypesSome have line totals and no subtotals and then visa versa for others.

Bug Fix: Length Sensitive reservations on rate groups that were not default fix

Bug Fix: Client membership handling fix when client rate group is same as default

Bug Fix: Map interface Online Unit Descriptions fix

Bug Fix: The Marketing Types Pie Chart has been cleaned up. The drilldown is functional and the print menu is visible again.

Bug Fix: Improved process for vehicle handling

Bug Fix: custom (single reservation) report fix

Bug Fix: Html tags removed from Notes/Tasks

Bug Fix: No submit required when switching between reservations in a group booking. We now ensure that changes are returned to interface for Custom Alerts, and Vehicle Details

Bug Fix: Load default client vehicle into guest folio if exists, when business has only one vehicle type configured fix

Bug Fix: Rez Employee and Client comments dialog should allow for users to highlight and copy historic content now.

Bug Fix – Marketing Opt-In Export date Fix

Bug Fix – Travel Agent group reservation fix

Big Fix: Edit Charge comments displaying undefined fix

Bug Fix: Wholesaler Reservation handling fix



Upcoming Features

(1) Training Academy – A training academy for the RezExpert software will be coming soon.  Users will be able to take courses in regards to the use of the software and its capabilities.  It will provide a multitude of training materials (videos and help help documents) to assist with the training process.  Completion certificates can be achieved and tracking of progress and achievements.

(2) Group Pencil In – There will be a new Pencil In type (e.g Maintenance, Regular) which will distinguish for a Group Pencil In

(3) Home Page Additions –  The Home page will provide quick links to the Training Video archive, Documentation Archive, Gazette and any Featured News

(4)  Warning List on comments-  This will allows users to determine on a reservation if there is a warning list comment associated with the client

(5) Contact for an Account Receivable – Users will be able to enter the contact person for any AR account created.

(6)  AR revenue in the Revenue Statistic panel – The revenue from Reservation Product sales done in the AR of a client will be added to the calculations in the Revenue Statistics panel

(7)  Save Quotes – Users will be able save quotations for packages which will be a combination of reservations and products, thus speeding up the process of applying packages to customers.

(8) Google Maps –  The capability of using the Google map engine to check availability and make reservations based on the geographical location on the map.

(9) Recur Pay additions –  This will allow users to create reoccurring payment policies to charge a customer’s stored tokenized credit card

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