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(1)   New Credit Card Failure Handling –  Occasionally, clients experience difficulty in completing an online booking through no fault of their own, because of browser failures, internet drop-off, power outage or misunderstanding.  RezExpert makes an effort to “fail on the side of caution” by pre-storing the client’s contact and reservation information prior to them posting the credit card details, which cannot be seen.  This is accomplished by tying together normal background event logging performed by the system, sufficient to provide the information to assist property managers in connecting completed payments found in your credit card merchant audit screens.


Because the online booking interface accessed from your website requires the guest to update their contact information prior to posting the credit card and RezExpert stores a six-character Confirmation Number (e.g.: V4DA9T) with the tentative booking information, which is also sent to the CC processor for reference, merchants can easily tie disconnected payments to the proper reservation.



Should it be determined that the prospective client had simply changed their mind and decided not to book, the reservation can be cancelled in the standard way – no harm done, but great follow-up service provided thanks to this new feature.




(2)   Dual Calendar –  Within the Guest Folio of a reservation, users can now change the Check In and Check Out dates simultaneously.     This allows the user to avoid having to change one at a time where the system previously would have checked for availability.  This will make the adjustment on a reservation smoother and limit the amount of adjustments required



(3)   Client Manager (Duplicate Client Cleanup)-  A new page option has been added.    This allows users to manage duplicate emails and clients within the system and thus provide improvements in analyzing and exporting of client records.   By going to Admin in the menu bar, Administrative and 9. Client Manager.    The Duplicate Emails tab will provide the user with a list of all the clients with the same email address.     The user can either select from this list to view the list of clients associated with that email or can click the Del button to delete the group of clients associated with that email.

Within the list of clients, the user can:

(a) Delete individual clients –  Delete specific clients

(b) Edit individual clients –  By selecting the individual client and then clicking on Edit, this will carry the client to the Client Editor panel where the client’s information can be edited.

(c) Merge listed clients into a single client –   Based on the client selected it, by clicking on the Merge button, it will merge all listed clients into the client selected



Next to each client listed there is a score which can be selected to determine it cause.  Scoring is based on:

1. Does the client record have billing policies attached?

2. Does the client record have subsidiary accounts attached?

3. Does the client record have linkage to any reservations having a credit card transaction?

4. Does the client record have linkage to online bookings? (these are the most important as they retain the client’s online password)

5. Which is this client’s most recent record? (which may be irrelevant if it was actually a redundant import)

Each of these attributes will elevate a client’s score by one, with a maximum score of five.


Along with the reservation count associated with the client record, property managers will be able to determine which record to retain after validating contact info discrepancies.


(b)  Other Search Methods –   Search for duplicate clients can also be carried out by custom fields.    The user will be able to group by Client Name, Address 1, Phone and Mobile and then filtered by if the client has reservations and valid emails.


N.B   Users will NOT be able to make new reservations where an email is associated with another client.




(4)  Request Based Booking  –  RezExpert clients now have the ability to have reservations made only as Request Based.   When the client makes a reservation online they will now receive a request report for the reservation once the flag has been checked.







(5)  Change Control History– Users are able to view the history of changes made within a desired panel.   By clicking on the History button a 90 day report will be provided showing all changes handled within that time period.  The Employee, Date, Panel and their comments will be displayed in the report




(6) New Online Reservation Interface (Reservation Services) –   The online booking interface is now allowing clients to be able to log in and view their  reservation history.     Once logged in, the client number will be displayed and when making a new reservation their personal contact information will be automatically populated.   By clicking on the (1) Reservations button  once logged in, user will be able to (2) view their upcoming reservations, reservation history and any cancelled reservations.

Once the reservation has been selected, the client can then (3) send notes to be associated with the reservation, view the details of the reservation cost or print the confirmation report associated with that reservation.

 N.B  The client will be able to recover their password either by clicking on the Recover Password which will send an email to the client with a temporary password or their password once it was already created




Client Notes –   When client creates a note on a reservation, the user will receive and email informing that a note was created and the associated reservation with its description.     The user can then view these comments by selecting selecting the desired reservation and then click on the View/Edit hyperlink for comments from the grid or Guest Folio of the reservation.


A more detailed document will be provided shortly


(7)  Discount Display Change – The location of the discount applied to a reservation has now been moved on the Statement Detail Report.  It is now located below the reservation charges.  This is in place to allow for better flow of charges within the Statement Detail



(8)   Grid Inventory Management–  .  Users are now able to manage inventory from the grid over a 21 day time period.   This can be done by selecting the Unit type from the Availability Grid, selecting the Utilities button and selecting the Go button for Check Or Review Blocked Inventory.     Within the Inventory Manager of that Unit Type , a user may adjust the inventory for that desired Unit Type by highlighting the desired time period and clicking the “+” or “-” to add or remove units respectively.

N.B   Only the Manager’s Override may be adjusted to a negative value (e.g -2) to allow for over-bookings.   The Manager’s Override will manage the console and the online booking interface.   Please contact you technical support in regards to channel management.


The Inventory Manager option will now be available when a reservation fails due to No Availability when creating a reservation. After making the change in the Inventory Manager an Auto Change control is now created so to keep a record of changes being made and who did them.





(b)    Inventory Manager –  By clicking on the Inventory button on the menu bar, users will be able to manage the inventory allocation of all and specific units type and view any booking conflicts within the system.    The user can select the desired date which will provide a 21 day grid of inventory allocation.    Based on the Unit Type selected the user can then manage the inventory of that desired unit.


N.B  By clicking on the conflict, it will redirect the date to the time period of that conflict for quick handling.




The user can manage the allocation of inventory  over a desired time period by clicking on the Fill button and selecting the desired dates and the amount of units to adjust.




(9)  Print Selector Confirmation Change Option –  The ability to switch between the different print options on a group reservation are now available.   By clicking on the desired booking on the left, the appropriate print options will be available.



(10)  Check In Form Print Selector Fix– Once the reservation has been checked in the checked in print selector will be displayed.


Upcoming Features

(1) Add a business profile – The ability to add a business profile and associate clients with that business


(2) Search by Secondary client – The ability to search for a reservation by any secondary client


(3) Training Academy – A training academy for the RezExpert software will be coming soon.  Users will be able to take courses in regards to the use of the software and its capabilities.  It will provide a multitude of training materials (videos and help help documents) to assist with the training process.  Completion certificates can be achieved and tracking of progress and achievements.


(4) Batch Printing – This will allow users to print multiple reports across multiple reservations


(5) Group Pencil In – There will be a new Pencil In type (e.g Maintenance, Regular) which will distinguish for a Group Pencil In


(6) Membership Capability – The ability to organize and create multiple membership types for a business and can allocate specific criteria to each type.  The user will be able to set which rate group and discount will be applied to each membership type. User will also be able to import the list of members associated with each membership type.


(7) Property and Revenue Sharing –  The ability to track revenue, property documents and policies for Units and businesses within the system


(8) Call accounting  –  The ability to track your call accounting within the system.


(9) Home Page –  The user will be provided with page for quick reference in regards to Business status statistics, Training Video archive, Documentation Archive, Gazette and any Featured News


(10) POS comments – Provide the option to have comments added to invoices created in the Point of Sale


(11) Group Reservations – The ability to add/remove units to edit a group reservation.


(12) Inventory Segment – Manage the inventory allocated to the online booking interface separately.







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