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(1) Edit Custom Alert – The ability to change the type of alert from the till tape when a reservation is selected from the grid (or any other point it is displayed).



  1. Select the Reservation
  2. Click the hyperlink for the Alert
  3. Select which Custom Alert is to be applied to the reservation



(2)  Apply Taxes to System Products – The ability to assign or remove  taxes from System Products are now available.

NOTE:   No other field can be modified.




(3)  Sale Quantity – Decimal value quantities may now be entered in the Quantity field in the Point-Of-Sale(POS) screen for any product sales.




(4)  High speed report server – A high speed report server has been integrated into the system.  Shorter load times for reports should be recognized.




Upcoming Features

(1) Account Receivable – The ability to add a Corporate Accounts Receivable


(2) Map Online Booking Interface for Customers – Clients will be able to select which unit they would like to reserve using a map interface which can be setup from your console.


(3) Add a business profile – The ability to add a business profile and associate clients with that business


(4) Inventory Manager – Allocate inventory to channels and online booking interface


(5) Search by Secondary client – The ability to search for a reservation by any secondary client


(6) Change Reservation Dates – The ability to change the Check-in and Check-out dates prior to the system checking the availability




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