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(1) Custom Fields Setup – User will now have the ability to create their own custom fields for clients which are displayed within the Guest Folio of a reservation.     The user can set if the desired custom field is included in the export process, searchable and/or forced for the reservation.   These fields would also be displayed in the Client Editor




(2) Marketing Types (Forced)Users are able to have their Marketing Type mandatory on a reservation.  From the Business Setup, the Show? flag would be checked for it to be displayed and if the field is mandatory, the Force? flag would be checked.    This capability is activated for both the Console and RezRobot.    The user would be able to setup which Marketing type to be tracked.




(3) No Credit Card Processor –  If the user wishes to have no credit card processor setup, the user can now remove the tokenization process and only use payment type option to track the payment.

N.B  This will NOT process an actual credit card.  This is just tracking the means by which it was done



(4)  Guest Folio History Time Stamp – A time stamp has been applied the the history of the reservation for better reference


(4) Password Reset Fix –  When the password is reset it will no longer change your username to the your email address if it was different.   What was set as your username will remain.


(5) Occupant Type Order Fix–  The order in which the occupants appear is now based on the order they are created.


(6)  POS (based on Rate Group) Fix-  When making a Point Of Sale from a reservation, the rate being pulled for the products will be based on the rate group set on that reservation.


a) It was previously pulling only the default rate group rates.

b) This is only for sales from a reservation and not a single sale.




Upcoming Features

(1) Add a business profile – The ability to add a business profile and associate clients with that business


(2) Inventory Manager – Allocate inventory to channels and online booking interface


(3) Search by Secondary client – The ability to search for a reservation by any secondary client


(4) Change Reservation Dates – The ability to change the Check-in and Check-out dates prior to the system checking the availability


(5) Training Academy – A training academy for the RezExpert software will be coming soon.  Users will be able to take courses in regards to the use of the software and its capabilities.  It will provide a multitude of training materials (videos and help help documents) to assist with the training process.  Completion certificates can be achieved and tracking of progress and achievements.


(6) Batch Printing – This will allow users to print multiple reports across multiple reservations


(7) Group Pencil In – There will be a new Pencil In type (e.g Maintenance, Regular) which will distinguish for a Group Pencil In


(8) Membership Capability – The ability to organize and create multiple membership types for a business and can allocate specific criteria to each type.  The user will be able to set which rate group and discount will be applied to each membership type. User will also be able to import the list of members associated with each membership type.


(9) Property and Revenue Sharing –  The ability to track revenue, property documents and policies for Units and businesses within the system


(10) Call accounting  –  The ability to track your call accounting within the system.


(11) Home Page –  The user will be provided with page for quick reference in regards to Business status statistics, Training Video archive, Documentation Archive, Gazette and any Featured News


(12) POS comments – Provide the option to have comments added to invoices created in the Point of Sale





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