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URL Export – A new Online Booking URL Export panel is now available for anyone utilizing the Online Booking Interface.  This panel will allow properties to export their URL addresses for each Unit Type to be displayed on the web. These “Unit Type” specific URLs will allow your webmaster to update your existing (or now add additional buttons) which would allow a guest to go directly to make a reservation for one specific Unit Type. We have introduced a new layout for these single Unit Type displays through the Online Booking Interface.




Payment Gateway Manager – A new panel is now available. This panel will allow users to better manage any unresolved payments through the payment processor. This panel provides users with the data being returned from the processor which is not always visible from the console. The user can filter the search by numerous criteria for a refined search. This allows a user to better determine the outcome of a payment when not easily indicated whether associated with a reservation or not due to numerous reasons. By default, the filter will be on unresolved, so to display those scenarios where the process was not completed.

Import / Export Utility – Full Client List Export – The ability to export your full client list is now available.  To accomplish, please contact DigitalRez to have this provided. This would be provided in a *.csv file format which can be opened in a spreadsheet program (for example Microsoft Excel).


Guest Folio – Cancel Rez Button – The extra validation(click) to verify if the user wants to cancel this reservation has been removed and goes straight to the Cancel form. A check will also be done when the Cancel Rez button is clicked to verify if there are any outstanding security deposits, thus saving time from determining after the reservation is attempted to be canceled.

Bug Fixes

Report Bug Fix: Payment Detail Invoice – Incorrect discount amount and incorrect charge amount has been fixed.

Report Bug Fix: Charge Invoice displaying incorrect charge amounts has been fixed.

Bug Fix: The Ticket QR_Code wildcard issue has been fixed.

Report Bug Fix: The check-in form Accrual Detail report issue has been fixed.

Bug Fix: Online promo code issue has been rectified and better error handling.

Bug Fix: Checking Out Travel Agent Rez issue has been fixed.

Bug Fix: The reservation reversal issue has been fixed.

Bug Fix: Import/Export Panel – The Marketing opt In and Out export status selection is available.

Big Fix: Online Booking Pages – Mobile was not taken into consideration Unit Length. This has now been fixed.

Bug Fix: Rez Quote – This was not taking Unit Length into consideration. This has now been fixed.

Bug Fix: Type Capacity is filtering out Units based on the Decommissioned flag which is wrong. Availability does NOT use the Decommissioned flag; Only the Open/Close dates on the Unit.

Bug Fix: When changing the discount when a “Rez Fee” is getting recalculated, if you change the discount multiple times it crashes as the discounts allowed flag is not being set on the product correctly.

Bug Fix: When making more than one change causing the Rez Fee to be calculated more than once and taxes are involved it does not recalculate properly.

Bug Fix: Import Data – The import data issue has been fixed.

Bug Fix: RSS Feed – The RSS feed display issue has been rectified.

Bug Fix: Import/Export Panel – The Example.csv’s issue has been rectified

Bug Fix: Guest Folio : Product Security Deposits – Negative amounts can no longer be entered for product security deposits.

Bug Fix: Unit/Unit Type Setup – If the Type or Unit is set to decommissioned and the close_date > today’s date or you try and set it to > today’s date the system will now not allow that to happen. It will reset to the prior date

Bug Fix – When entering too large a label in the property setup it crashes generating the Owner Rev Share commission policy.

Bug Fix: The SAAS Invoice Sale Print selector was not loading the invoice report. This has now been rectified.

Bug Fix: Online Product Sales – Transferring to the reservation was crashing. This has now been fixed.


Upcoming Features

(1) Training Academy – A training academy for the RezExpert software will be coming soon.  Users will be able to take courses in regards to the use of the software and its capabilities.  It will provide a multitude of training materials (videos and help help documents) to assist with the training process.  Completion certificates can be achieved and tracking of progress and achievements.

(2) Group Pencil In – There will be a new Pencil In type (e.g Maintenance, Regular) which will distinguish for a Group Pencil In

(3) Home Page Additions –  The Home page will provide quick links to the Training Video archive, Documentation Archive, Gazette and any Featured News

(4)  Warning List on comments-  This will allows users to determine on a reservation if there is a warning list comment associated with the client

(5) Contact for an Account Receivable – Users will be able to enter the contact person for any AR account created.

(6)  AR revenue in the Revenue Statistic panel – The revenue from Reservation Product sales done in the AR of a client will be added to the calculations in the Revenue Statistics panel

(7)  Save Quotes – Users will be able save quotations for packages which will be a combination of reservations and products, thus speeding up the process of applying packages to customers.

(8) Google Maps –  The capability of using the Google map engine to check availability and make reservations based on the geographical location on the map.

(9) Recur Pay additions –  This will allow users to create reoccurring payment policies to charge a customer’s stored tokenized credit card

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