1)   New Online Payment/Tokenization handling – Once the system is setup with an integrated credit card processor or using the Credit Card Vault to store the credit card information, when client reaches the stage to enter their credit card information through the online booking interface, it will now relocate the client to the payment page where the credit card information can be entered.   This has been implemented in order to reduce and limit the occurrence of the credit card failures.   Credit Card failures would occur if a user had 3rd Party cookies blocked and since the payment interface was in an I-frame, this would have blocked the transmission to determine if the payment was successful.  With the new payment handling process, the reservation is created as soon as the payment process is started online and appropriate comments are applied to the reservation displaying the status of the reservation.

Note:  Users will NOT be able to edit the reservation for 15 minutes after it has been created.  This is to ensure all processes are completed by the customer during this time.


New Online Payment Handling Process






2)  Batch Printing – This new update introduces Batch Printing, which allows users to print multiple documents in one job by selecting all of the documents needed for the job. This feature is currently available in the arrivals/departure panel, periodic billing panel and the meter billing panel.

Within the Arrivals/Departures panel is the option on the right to batch print. This brings up the window below.


Please contact DigitalRez to if you wish to have different reports available for the batch process





You can now select which options you would like to be batch printed and press submit. This will bring up the Print Selector box.









Clicking print will display a preview of the forms to be printed in batch.












3)  Analytics panel – A new analytic  panel has been introduced, providing users with data on percentage occupancy across multiple unit types through charts. This panel can be found by going to Admin -> Administrative -> 6. Revenue Statistics. You can choose to see how you want the data to be represented (Line, Column and Chart) and the time period and desired Unit Types.   A comparison of two years can also be accomplished by selecting two different year time periods.







Loading the chart displays the analytic data in the chart form of your choice. This chart shows the occupancy year to year percentages for campsites and cabins for 2015 (note that no data for 2014 is displayed. The legend on the right points to the colors of the bars that represent the unit types and the year of the data).






The charts can be printed or downloaded as an image from this panel by pressing the hamburger button on the right above the legend.






4)  Reservation Payment Status Color preference – A new preference is now available if a user wishes to have the payment status (no payment, partially paid and fully paid) to take priority over the reservation status (unassigned, assigned).   The assigned colors can be viewed in the Grid Color Legend by clicking on Utilities and choosing the Grid Color Legend option.

Note:  Custom alert colors take precedence over all alerts colors except for no deposit paid


To enable Reservation Colours to be determined by Payment Status, rather than Booking Status:
Click Setup from the Menu bar, expand Business Setup and click 1. Business Info
Click on the Preferences tab

Tick on the setting Payment Status has priority over Booking Status on Grid?


Payment Status preference








The colors can be seen on the grid, signifying the payment status of each reservation. The image below shows fully paid and partially paid reservations.





Support link for Payment Status Alerts:  https://support.rezexpert.com/rez-payment-status-colours/






5)  Reset Online Password from the Client Editor – A user can now change their password from inside the Client Editor.












6)  Unit Level documents and images – Images and documents can be added to a unit and can be viewed when making a booking online. The images/documents are added in the unit setup panel. To get to the unit setup panel choose the menu option Setup -> Business Setup -> 7. Unit Types.






Choosing a unit from a unit type on the left activates the Modify Image/Document List buttons. Clicking on either of these buttons opens up the upload popup, allowing a user to upload whatever image/document is required.











7)  Security Deposit Owed –  When a security deposit is set to be automatically applied to a reservation and has not been paid, this will be displayed on the statement report and also on the confirmation letter so customers can be aware of this outstanding security deposit.

Security Deposit Owed






8)  Html editor for the email confirmation – The email confirmation forms can now be edited in the HTML editor of the System Label Manager panel. This can be found by going to Admin -> Administrative -> 3. System Label Manager.







support link :  https://support.rezexpert.com/adding-your-logo-to-your-emails/





Upcoming Features

(1) Group Pencil In – There will be a new Pencil In type (e.g Maintenance, Regular) which will distinguish for a Group Pencil In

(2) Property and Revenue Sharing –  The ability to track revenue, property documents and policies for Units and businesses within the system

(3) Home Page –  The user will be provided with page for quick reference in regards to Business status statistics, Training Video archive, Documentation Archive, Gazette and any Featured News

(4)  Warning List on comments-  This will allows users to determine on a reservation if there is a warning list comment associated with the client

(5)  Security Gates– The ability to manage security gates within the system where the system can generate and mange

(6) Occupancy Log – Users will be able to track the occupancy log on all reservations. i.e if there are vacant time slots when the reservation will not be occupied and when the primary occupant changes on the reservation.  Users will also be able to place comments on the occupants of the reservation

(7) Contact for an Account Receivable – Users will be able to enter the contact person for any AR account created.

(8)  AR revenue in the Revenue Statistic panel – The revenue from Reservation Product sales done in the AR of a client will be added to the calculations in the Revenue Statistics panel

(9) Recur Pay –  This will allows user to create an reoccurring payment policy to charge a customers credit card

(10) Waiting List – Keep an account of customers who wanted to make a reservation but there was no availability at that instance.   This will allow users to contact the customers if inventory becomes available

(11)  Save Quotes – Users will be able save quotations for packages which will be a combination of reservations and products, thus speeding up the process of applying packages to customers.

(12) Google Maps –  The capability of using the Google map engine to check availability and make reservations based on the geographical location on the map.

(13) Marketing Module –  Users will be able to create tasks and notes for employees and also to schedule different types of emails based on the status of reservations.

(14) Training Academy – A training academy for the RezExpert software will be coming soon.  Users will be able to take courses in regards to the use of the software and its capabilities.  It will provide a multitude of training materials (videos and help help documents) to assist with the training process.  Completion certificates can be achieved and tracking of progress and achievements.

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