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 online booking module that connects to your windows front desk system and downloads reservations from your website (RezRobot) . All this happens 24/7 even when your business is closed. There is no greater feeling for an owner or manager than arriving to work and finding reservations that have been made while the business was closed, complete with credit card information waiting for you to process.

Your front desk system manages all of the availability and rates online. We have recently added some powerful features to the online module that allow you to setup the following business rules :


Minimum Stay Rule


If someone tries to book less than the prescribed minimum stay through the online booking interface they will receive a
dialog stating the minimum stay rule. They will then need to select a longer stay to proceed. This will save time and frustration because currently clients can book short stays using the web interface when you normally would have minimum stay restrictions in place. This often results in cancellation and more work for the reservation team at your resort. Click here to watch a short video on how to set up this feature



Prescribed Check in Date

prescribed check-inIf your client tries to make a booking starting on any of the days NOT designated as check in days through the online booking interface. They will receive a dialog stating the prescribed check in day rule. They will then need to start their reservation on one of the prescribed check in days. This feature is essential if you only have certain days that you allow people to check in to your resort. Click here to watch a short video on how to set up this feature





RezRobot (online Booking) Relabeling Feature
You can now have full control of how your units display on the online booking interface. Many of our clients have lots of unit types . When clients arrive at the booking pages they are often presented with a long list of unit types making it difficult to choose from.
We have developed a setup interface that allows you to add unique tabs and assign specific unit types to those tabs. Setup is as easy as 1,2,3 and we are sure you will like the results. Click here to watch a short video on how to set up this feature

To see an overview  of how the front desk software links to the online booking module and how to manage settings… click on this link … New interfaces here

For a detailed overview document of these latest features click on this link


For a general Overview of how to setup and maintain your RezRobot from your front desk system please click on this link

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